Google’s Interstitials Penalty to Affect AdSense Page-level Ads? by @SouthernSEJ

There has been some confusion as to whether or not AdSense Page-level ads will be affected by Google’s upcoming mobile interstitials penalty.

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Google’s Interstitials Penalty to Affect AdSense Page-level Ads? by @SouthernSEJ

A robot may help you buy a hammer at Lowe’s

If you go to Lowe’s to buy a hammer or a stack of lumber this fall, you might have a robot offer to help you.

The U.S.-based chain of home improvement stores announced Tuesday that, beginning next month, 11 stores in the San Francisco Bay area will begin using autonomous service robots.

Dubbed LoweBot, the robot is designed to help customers by answering simple questions, such as where they can find light bulbs or where ithe paint section is

By handling more of the basic customer questions, Lowe’s executives hope the robot will free up employees to help customers with project-specific questions.

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Get started in data science: 5 steps you can take online for free

Making a career change is never easy, but few things are more motivating than the prospect of a good salary and a dearth of competition. That’s a fair summary of the data science world today, as at least one well-publicized study has made clear, so why not investigate a little further?

There’s been a flurry of free resources popping up online to help those who are intrigued learn more. Here’s a small sampling for each step of the way.

1. Understand what it is

Microsoft’s website might not automatically spring to mind as a likely place to look, but sure enough, a few months ago the software giant published a really nice series of five short videos entitled “Data Science for Beginners.” Each video focuses on a specific aspect, such as “The 5 questions data science answers” and “Is your data ready for data science?”

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Report: Google plans to take on Uber w/ Waze-powered ride sharing service to launch this fall

According to a report this afternoon from The Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to launch a ride sharing service in San Francisco, California later this year to take on rivals Uber and Lyft. The new service is said to bring much cheaper rates in a market that is already intensely competitive. The move also has long-term implications for Google’s self-driving car project…


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