Epic, near-EVE-worthy troll sabotages Elite: Dangerous community event

Enlarge / Protect and advance the plot, or kill for the lulz? We know which one the community picked.

In the vast simulated galaxy of Elite: Dangerous, a years-old mystery concerning an unknown region of space called the Formidine Rift was poised to take a dramatic leap forward on Saturday. An NPC going by the name of Salomé was preparing for a frantic, fast return to the main inhabited core worlds with information that would advance the mystery’s plot. Elite players could choose to try to escort Salomé to safety, or could try to gun her down.

The event was organized in part by science fiction author Drew Wagar, who has written one of the official Elite: Dangerous tie-in novels. Wagar—with some assistance from Frontier Developments to make the magic happen—would be controlling Salomé’s ship as she made her mad dash back to the core worlds; the result of the run would be featured in Wagar’s upcoming Elite novel. If Salomé lived and delivered her message, that’s what he’d write in the book. If she died, the book would be written to reflect that, immortalizing the player character who did the killing.

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Apple adds one more year to first-generation Watch warranty

Enlarge (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Apple added one extra year to its warranty for some first-generation Apple Watches, according to a note sent to authorized service providers obtained by 9to5Mac. The company will now cover eligible Apple Watches for three years after the original purchase date. The first-gen devices covered by this warranty are those experiencing ballooning battery issues.

“Apple has extended Service coverage to eligible Apple Watch (1st gen) models with an expanded/swollen battery to three years after the original date of purchase,” the note states. “Eligible devices will be covered for two years beyond the original 1-year Limited Warranty.”

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11 Examples of SAAS Websites Built with Divi

SAAS (Software as a Service) is a popular business model and as you could image SAAS systems needs websites to explain and demonstrate their services to potential clients. Fortunately there are a lot of SAAS websites built with Divi. In this article we take a look at 11 examples of SAAS websites built with Divi to help inspire you for your next SAAS project.

These sites can help with inspiration for layouts, color, images, product descriptions, embedded video, case studies, CTA’s (call-to-action), navigation, and more. Most are brochures with pricing tables. Many include chat and other communication systems. The websites are in no particular order.

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A farewell to kings? New ideas on the vanishing monarch butterflies

Enlarge (credit: US Fish and Wildlife)

Everybody loves monarch butterflies. Author Anurag Agrawal refers to them as “the Bambi of the insect world.” They are specifically bred to be released at weddings; their image has been pressed into service as the symbol of environmental organizations like the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Non-GMO project.

This popularity makes them a great research system for two reasons. First, funding is abundant and easy to drum up. And, unlike other darlings of conservationists—like polar bears, which look like cute, cuddly stuffed animals—monarch butterflies are bugs. So animal rights activists don’t really get worked up when scientists breed them and experiment on them, then sacrifice them and grind up their bodies for analysis.

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NSA ends surveillance tactic that pulled in citizens’ emails, texts

The U.S. National Security Agency will no longer sift through emails, texts and other internet communications that mention targets of surveillance.

The change, which the NSA announced on Friday, stops a controversial tactic that critics said violated U.S. citizens’ privacy rights.

The practice involved flagging communications where a foreign surveillance target was mentioned, even if that target wasn’t involved in the conversation. Friday’s announcement means the NSA will stop collecting this data.

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