13 Examples of Non-Profit and Charity Sites Using Divi

Non-profits and charity organizations have turned to the web to get their message to the public and share the news about the work they do. Of course this means they need websites to display their information, share their news, ask for workers and volunteers, and ask for donations. Several of these organizations have websites built with Divi. In this article we take a look at 13 examples of non-profit and charity sites using Divi.

Whether you need inspiration for donation systems, use of images, videos, layouts, etc., these 13 non-profit and charity websites are sure to have something to help you with inspiration for your next design. The websites are in no particular order.

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15 Stylish, Superhero-Inspired Adobe After Effects Templates

Heroes, Heroes, Everywhere

The world has gone mad for superheroes and we can’t turn on our TVs now without seeing someone trying to save the world… or destroy it. Get yourself bang on trend with our roundup of Envato Market After Effects Templates. They’re super (sorry).

1. 25 SuperHero Trailer Titles Pack

With titles inspired by iconic characters, you won’t be short of effects with Superhero Trailer Titles Pack. The template promises to be easy to use, and comes with a help file in case you get stuck.

25 SuperHero Trailer Titles Pack
25 SuperHero Trailer Titles Pack by Envato and xFxDesigns

2. Superhero Games Trailer – Cinematic Titles

This dynamic title sequence and 3D intro opener will give your project an eye-popping cinematic feel. The template includes 8 placeholders and 17 textholders, so you can customise until your heart’s content!

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QUIZ – What Type Of Digital Marketer Are You?

Traditional marketers wore suits and ties and sipped martinis at lunchtime.

They were the Don Draper’s of Madison Avenue fame. Creative types that enticed you with clever headlines and funky and funny television ads. The metrics were fluffy and the technology was a bit basic.

In an era of digital marketing much has changed and many things haven’t. Data scientists work and sit next to the creatives. The artists have a new friend. Tech geeks.

A few marketing channels have been replaced with many. But the art of headline writing and humour is still needed. Standing out is demanded but often not achieved.

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Most common cells in the brain help us anticipate rewards

A rodent. (credit: Carlos de Paz)

Cerebellar granule cells, which make up the cerebellum, are the smallest and most abundant of all neuron types in the brain. These cells are known to contribute to motor function, attention, language, and fear. A recent study published in Nature demonstrates that these cells may also contribute to our expectations of whether a given action will result in a positive reward. It’s a discovery that departs from our previous understanding of how these types of cells function.

To examine the function of these cerebellar granule cells, the authors used a mouse model of reward and reward anticipation. In this model, mice are trained to push a lever to receive a small treat of sugar-water.

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