The High Five: sun’s out, man buns out

Winter and summer. George and Amal. Barbie and Ken. These classic duos were among the top searches from this week.

Changing of the seasons

This Wednesday was summer solstice in the northern hemisphere—which means in other parts of the world, winter is coming. The cities searching the most for “first day of summer” are in Southern California (don’t they have good weather all year?), while New Zealanders are searching the most for “first day of winter.” And around the world, people are searching 3,200 percent more for summer than winter.

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Facebook Group Updates: Insights, Scheduled Posts and More

Facebook is rolling out new features for Group admins that will aid in the management of members and content.

As I type this, I don’t yet have most of these features. TechCrunch wrote a terrific recap of these updates, and the images below come from that article.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect, and how you might take advantage of these updates…

Group Insights

One primary complaint from Facebook group admins has been the lack of any access to metrics regarding the activity of members. Third party tools have sprung up to fill this void in the meantime, but Facebook now provides a native solution.

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Libraries across the U.S. are Ready to Code

Editor’s Note: Alan Inouye leads public policy for the American Library Association, and today he tells us about a new partnership with Google that will equip librarians to offer coding programs for kids in their communities

Emily Zorea is not a computer scientist. She’s a Youth Services Librarian at the Brewer Public Library in Richland Center, Wisconsin, but when she noticed that local students were showing an interest in computer science (CS), she started a coding program at the library. Though she didn’t have a CS background, she understood that coding, collaboration and creativity were  critical skills for students to approach complex problems and improve the world around them. Because of Emily’s work, the Brewer Public Library is now Ready to Code. At the American Library Association, we want to give librarians like Emily the opportunity to teach these skills, which is why we are thrilled to partner with Google on thae next phase of the Libraries Ready to Code initiative—a $500,000 sponsorship from Google to develop a coding toolkit and make critical skills more accessible for students across 120,000 libraries in the U.S.

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