Types of Google link penalties to avoid for your website

Having your own full-fledged website and running it through good rankings is quite an accomplishment. Obviously, there are all kinds of webmasters who resort to adopting the various way to boost their site rankings. These ways can be ethical as well as unethical based on the past experiences of the site owner. However, making these rankings happen without facing recurrent Google Penalties might seem impossible.

One of the most common ways of boosting the rankings of a website is through link building. A great link-building strategy makes sure that your website is receiving ample amount of traffic through all the inbound and outbound links present on your site and other websites that you are exchanging links with. However, a lot of us end up getting penalized by Google for these links or their performance.

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Wrike Review: How to use Wrike for Managing your Marketing Projects


Still using spreadsheets to manage your marketing projects?

Or maybe a task management tool?

There’s nothing wrong with either but when a project gets complicated you need more than this.

How about a project management tool that provides functionality specific to marketing?

Product launches
Creative assets and content management
Go to market plans

….and more

Welcome to Wrike.

About Wrike

Wrike is an online tool built to help you manage your projects. If you want to stay on top of all your tasks, work with a group of people, have clear visibility into where you are and what needs to be done all while staying organized, then this may be a tool to consider.

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Q&A with Google on the future of search

Search marketing is undergoing rapid transformation driven by new technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search, Visual Search, Amazon, and Blockchain all impact how we search for information and buy products and services online.

The Transformation of Search Summit, which takes place in New York on October 19, combines the expertise of ClickZ and Search Engine Watch, in partnership with Catalyst (part of GroupM), along with speakers from Hertz, Hilton, Condé Nast, LEGO, and more, to dissect the current landscape and provide a deep-dive into actionable steps to future-proof and protect your strategy.

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