Top Facebook Updates That You Can’t Afford to Miss – April 2018 Edition

Facebook has made a lot of big changes lately, and it’s generated a ton of conversation and questions from both users and businesses on the platform wondering exactly what this will mean moving forward. The short answer: these changes are very good, even if they feel a little inconvenient while we adjust to them. Ultimately, Read more

I’m Feeling Earthy: Earth Day trends and more

It’s Earth Day—take a walk with us.

First, let’s dig into issues taking root in Search. Ahead of Earth Day, “solar energy,” “drought” and “endangered species” climbed in popularity this week. Meanwhile, people are looking for ways their own actions can make a positive impact. The top “how to recycle” searches were for plastic, paper, batteries, plastic bags, and styrofoam. And around the world, trending queries about Earth Day were “how many trees will be saved by recycling?” and “which type of plastic is more friendly to the environment?”  

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JPA when to use Path of entity type instead of Join?

An example in JPA spec:

CriteriaQuery<Customer> q = cb.createQuery(Customer.class);
Root<Customer> customer = q.from(Customer.class);
Join<Customer, Order> order = customer.join(Customer_.orders);
q.where(cb.equal(cb.treat(order.get(Order_.product), Book.class)

order.product is a path in the where clause. If it is not join, how to access
the name attribute of the product(Book)? Is it actually a table join when translated to SQL? If this is the case, what is the difference between path
and join in this example?

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