High Fry-ve: sundaes for everyone this weekend

I’ve been told I have a flair for the dramatic (see byline), but if I were you, I’d stay away from ladders and look out for black cats today. Friday the 13th inspired lots of searches this week, and here’s a look at a few of the other trending searches, with data from the Google News Lab.

It’s Fry Day Fry Day, gotta get down on Fry Day

Today is Friday but also National Fry Day, as if I need another excuse to shove fried potatoes down my throat. If search interest is any indication of America’s fav fry, McDonald’s would take the top spot, followed by Burger King, Wendy’s and Five Guys. If you’re waffling over the best type of fry, curly fries are a cut above—they’re searched 14 percent more than waffle fries. Oh but wait, there’s more healthy food to celebrate as Sunday (or shall I say Sundae) is National Ice Cream Day. Search interest in frozen treats always spikes each summer, but July 2018 has recorded the highest search interest ever for ice cream in the U.S., great work everyone! More of a fro-yo guy myself.

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#teampixel’s cool inspiration on hot summer days

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect summer vacation? If it includes endless blue skies, colorful cafes, or ancient cobblestone streets, check out the latest round of shots from #teampixel’s favorite summer spots.

When you go on your next adventure, remember to take us with you by tagging #teampixel. You might find yourself featured on The Keyword, @google or @madebygoogle the next time we’re looking for some cool inspiration on these hot summer days.

  • teampixel_712_1.jpg

    @zoom.in.2.life spread their wings over the beautiful bridges of Rome.

  • teampixel_712_2.jpg

    These blue waters show  @the_salama views of the egyptian mediterranean.

  • teampixel_712_3.jpg

    The clever @nickbakradze took a photo with a photobus in Georgia, while @hripkodmitry almost had us fall over at the wonder of these precariously painted cups.

  • teampixel_712_4.jpg

    @chad.ht showed us rustic red hills that were 33 million years in the making.

  • teampixel_712_5.jpg

    This blue window transformed @spacegirl.spiff into a modern Matisse.

  • teampixel_712_6.jpg

    @karensandiego fell in obsession with these blue Portuguese azulejos.

#teampixel’s cool inspiration on hot summer days

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