Amazing Instagram Stories Examples (With Tips & Tricks to Copy)

Since the launch of Instagram Stories in 2016, the format has taken off among advertisers. Users have demonstrated their love for Stories’ dynamic feel. Agencies report 2-3X more engagement with Instagram Stories posts than with regular content. Marketers have published a slew of campaigns to test the format since it debuted; however… …The quality has been Read more

Change: Pages Can Join Facebook Groups

Did you miss it? In a change that could have a signficant impact, Pages can now join Facebook groups. If you are a group moderator, you should think about whether you want this to be the new normal.

Let’s take a closer look at the announcement, what it means for your Facebook groups, and what you can do about it.

The Announcement

On February 7, Facebook wrote an announcement about changes coming to messaging and groups for businesses. The big change is this one for groups:

…in the coming weeks, Pages will be able to participate in Facebook Groups and join community discussions in a way that is representative of their business or organization.

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