The end of Google+ after a data breach and how it affects us

Google has decided to shut down Google+ after discovering a data breach. How should we react to the news?

Not many of us were surprised to hear that Google+ will stop existing in a few months. The only surprise came in the way the news was revealed with Google announcing a data breach that led them to this decision.

Google has published a blog post last week mentioning that they discovered a bug in the API for Google+ that allowed third-party developers to access data of 500,000 users with unauthorized permission.

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Is hiding paid backlinks from Google actually possible?

Your website’s link profile is basically one of your biggest areas of concern. Given the kind of penalties levied by Google for any misconduct related to your link profile, the concern is well-justified. The truth is that link profile building is a time-consuming activity that requires judicious decisions; especially when you are pondering over the thought of buying backlinks for your own website.

However, a report also talks about how a sample of 750,000 well-shared articles over 50% had zero external links. This points to the widespread shallow SEO knowledge where website owners don’t care enough to build and earn links for their website. And sometimes the ones who are doing well don’t necessarily care about ethics.

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15 ways your Assistant can coach you through the MLB Postseason

Assistant MLB

More than 2,400 regular season Major League Baseball games are in the books and we’re down to just four teams. The National League Championship Series and American League Championship Series are just getting underway—here are 15 ways the Google Assistant can help make sure you don’t miss a minute of the action. Batter up.

To stay on top of MLB history, scores, schedules, and standings, start with
“Hey Google …”

1. “When does the World Series start?”

2. “When did Fenway Park open?”

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Fortnite fever and verified Vermonsters: Frightgeist Halloween trends for 2018

We’re a little bit more than a fortnight away from Halloween 2018, so it’s time to head to Search for costume inspiration. This year’s Frightgeist—brought to you by Google Trends—shows what’s brewing in the costume cauldron near you and in other hot spots across the country.

Frightgeist homepage

The top searched costumes for 2018 are a not-so-macabre mix of Halloween classics (where my witches at?) and contemporary looks the kiddos will go crazy for. Here’s your top ten, just a click away from Google Images ideas to bring each of these to life (or back from the dead):

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#IMakeApps: Using robotics to help people who are hard of hearing

Editor’s note: To celebrate the hard work, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of app makers around the world, we’re featuring founders, product managers, designers and developers from around the world. We’ll showcase their passions and also hear about what they do when they step away from their computers. Meet our next app maker, Mateo Salvatto, an Argentinian robotics champion and founder of ¡Háblalo!, an app that helps people with hearing difficulties to communicate verbally and handle daily life with greater ease. Check out more #IMakeApps stories on

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