A pumpkin-season post in the paws of #teampixel

The dog days of summer are over—and, depending on where you play fetch, the darkest days of winter are, too. Inspired by one of the pups of #teampixel this week, we imagined how a dog might experience these season-changing photos:

  • Travelforpun.png

    Salut! I am a French pup photographed by @travelforpun.

  • @baba_photonath.jpg

    Avant de commencer (before beginning, as you say), I think I’ll start with @baba_photonath’s cool glass of thé.

  • bernie_the_traveler.jpg

    So, do all dogs go to heaven escorted by @bernie_the_traveler’s Swiss ski lift?

  • pomiania.png

    And when they get there, do they run around in @pomi.ania’s Polish bubbles?

  • @hikemu.jpg

    Maybe we won’t ascend to heaven, let’s just chill. Like this guy captured by @hikemu, we’ll surf away our troubles.

  • @jackjarvie.jpg

    Or maybe I’d rather take a spin in Berlin, and dream of @jackjarvie’s dusky Reichstag.

  • artsy_stain.jpg

    But here we are, the world spins into @artsy_stain’s stunning orange boughs. Alas, I’ve got fur, so autumn’s no bummer.

  • @itsmeshivangi.jpg

    What I’m really dreaming about is @itsmeshivangi’s vision of palms that give the feeling of summer.

Switching back to a human perspective, we have some good news for fellow #teampixel enthusiasts: @googlepixel is our new Instagram channel dedicated to highlighting the talent and creativity found within the #teampixel community. This space will be used to curate and showcase your many passions, side hustles, travels and struggles—everything that informs and adds color to your lives. Follow @googlepixel to keep up with the latest and, as always, keep tagging all your fantastic shots with #teampixel for the chance to be featured!

A pumpkin-season post in the paws of #teampixel