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Female applicants have harder time getting grants funded in Netherlands

(credit: Image from San Jose State)

Women earn over half of college graduates in certain countries, yet they continue to be underrepresented in academia, where they face shortfalls in leadership positions, salary, and funding. Of these three issues, funding is particularly important: sufficient funding would make the other gender-based gaps easier to close. A new study in PNAS suggests that this issue isn’t going away, as committees making funding decisions are more likely to decide in favor of male applicants.

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8 Simple Pricing Tips to Boost Your Theme or Plugin Sales Today

After months of development, you have a great new WordPress theme or plugin ready for sale. You’re confident your product will help users and be worth every penny of its price. But what should that price actually be?

Let’s consider another scenario. Maybe your product has been live for some time but sales are slow. You suspect price is the problem. How do you troubleshoot?

Getting your pricing right is one of the most important factors in generating consistent sales over the long term and it can be a tricky one to dial in for individual products.

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Critical flaw puts 500 million WinRAR users at risk of being pwned by unzipping a file

500 million, yes half a billion, WinRAR users are at risk of being pwned thanks to a critical flaw that could allow hackers to take control of victims’ computers. Vulnerability Lab, via the Full Disclosure mailing list, put the world on notice about a remote code execution vulnerability in the latest version of WinRAR, WinRAR 5.21. If the critical bug in WinRAR is exploited by an attacker, then a victim’s system could be compromised by simply opening the file.

Whether it’s movies, music, applications, photos, pictures, gaming mods, or something else, if it’s a digital file then you can likely zip or unzip it. You may have used the popular WinRAR tool to pack or unpack a RAR, ZIP, 7Z, TAR, EXE, ISO, CAB or another supported archive. Let’s say, for example, that you have a torrent file. In this case, if you used the latest version of WinRAR to decompress an archive that contained malicious code, it would execute immediately upon unzipping the infected file. This could lead to not only your computer being compromised, but potentially also your network.

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How To Resolve Issues With Flexible Bid Strategies In AdWords


In November 2014, Google quietly rolled out an AdWords update that provides more detailed status information for flexible bidding strategies.

The detailed reporting allows you to see when updates and changes made to the bid strategy caused it to move from an active status into a “learning” mode, as well as why a bid strategy is “limited” and therefore unable to be used for optimization.

If you are troubleshooting performance issues in your AdWords account and you are using Flexible Bid Strategies, these status updates might be the key to understanding why performance has gone awry — or at least, not as you planned.

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