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Google Analytics Metric and Dimension Changes

Google Analytics is a dynamic application, and the available metrics and dimensions changes over time. The Google Analytics connectors from Analytics Edge can update to the latest dimensions and metrics simply by click the Update button on the Fields tab while editing a query (lower left). Recent changes include: New: ga:userBucket ga:datehourMinute Changed: ga:uniqueEvents no […]

SEO Reporting Tools for Excel

Analytics Edge has all the tools you need for Search Engine Optimization reporting! Start with the free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in and included free Google Analytics connector to build your web site traffic reports. With no account or query limits, one click refresh, and excellent support, you can easily build custom reports for each of your […]

Google Analytics Closes the Door on Language Spam

Google Analytics has finally stopped the “Secret…Vote for Trump!” spam that has been infiltrating many website’s language reports. While the Russian’s attempts are still visible in the Real Time reports (now using a referral), they have been filtered out by Google before they get into any of the main reports. If you are still searching […]