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Facebook Connector Problems

As of July 11, 2018, the Facebook connector can still download Page Insights data, but the Post Insights and Page Posts queries return !Error 400. This is partially due to a bug in the Facebook API, and partially due to a change in Facebook’s access policies. When they fix the bug, you should be able […]

Google Analytics Filters May Have Become Unlinked

The Analytics Edge connectors ‘GA Management’ and ‘Google Analytics Pro’ have features that use the Google Analytics Management API  in order to change filter settings. Google identified (and fixed) a problem with management.filters.patch and management.filters.update operations that may have caused filters to become unlinked from the view. This problem was introduced on 5/23/2017 and fixed […] Spam Review

Just when it looked like the spam referrals in your web site traffic reports was fading away, a new source appears — this time from China: Foxweber (a.k.a. KingDatas, a Beijing Company). Google Analytics has long been a target for referral spam – someone leaving fake referral visits in website traffic reports to entice them […]

Sampling Problems in Google Analytics

“Don’t cross the streams…It would be bad” – Ghostbusters, 1984 It looks like some Google Analytics properties are suffering from severe sampling issues. In one extreme example, reports show data from only 1 out of 3 (yes, THREE) sessions!  The trigger: mixing hit-level and session-level dimensions with hit-level metrics, like Page + Country with Pageviews, […]

Google Analytics Metric and Dimension Changes

Google Analytics is a dynamic application, and the available metrics and dimensions changes over time. The Google Analytics connectors from Analytics Edge can update to the latest dimensions and metrics simply by click the Update button on the Fields tab while editing a query (lower left). Recent changes include: New: ga:userBucket ga:datehourMinute Changed: ga:uniqueEvents no […]