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How to be the Best Answer to Customer Questions: Insights from 600,000 Posts

Content that answers questions is one of the most effective forms of content marketing. In preparation for our upcoming webinar with Lee Odden on ‘How To Be The Best Answer’ we analysed over 600,000 answer posts. We set out below our findings including:

  • the benefits of being the best answer, including authority, longevity and links
  • the 10 key elements of a ‘best answer’ post

If you want to find out more and benefit from Lee’s insights you can view the webinar here.

The Benefits of being the Best Answer

a) Achieving links

When people find a good answer they like to share it but more importantly they like to bookmark or link to it for reference later. Take as an example the question “what is content marketing?”

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Content Marketing Case Study: Attorneys Vs. Accountants

Over the last several months, we have partnered with the public relations firm Infinite Spada to provide data for their analysis of content marketing by leading law firms and accounting agencies. We’ve summarized the analysis here with some of our own insights.

And the winner is…

Accountants. Across the board, articles produced by US accounting firms were shared more often than the content produced by the leading law firms. And, the margin between the two industries’ content shares was huge. Accounting firms  averaged 131 shares for their content while law firms grabbed only an average of 27 shares.

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How To Write Data-Driven Stories: Five Core Narratives

“Data-driven storytelling is poised to be the next big trend in content marketing.Harvard Business Review, October 2015.

“Data-enhanced storytelling is rapidly reshaping both content and advertising.” Adweek, January, 2016.

There is a growing interest in data driven stories. Some people refer to it as a new form of data journalism, although the reality is that data driven journalism has been around since the mid-1800’s.  The Guardian newspaper, a pioneer of data driven journalism, has pointed out that their very first stories were data driven in 1860.

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How To Improve Facebook Engagement: Insights From 1bn Posts

As you know, at BuzzSumo we love discovering insights from big data. We took this to a new level in January when we analyzed over 1 billion posts from 30m brand pages on Facebook. We shared our findings with Neil Patel, who pulled out the key insights from this research for marketers. You can read his post on the implications for Facebook marketing here.

We have summarised the key findings from the research and analysis in the slides below.

In summary, the core findings are as follows:

  1. The post formats that get the most engagement are questions and images.
  2. Short form text posts of less than 50 characters get the most interaction. It seems Facebook is not a place for reading but finding and engaging.
  3. Videos that are directly embedded get over six times the engagement of embedded YouTube videos.
  4. Surprisingly posts without hashtags get more interaction than posts with hashtags.
  5. Posts published between 10 PM and Midnight of your audience’s local time get the most engagement. It seems publishing when there are less posts being published, and vying for attention, increases engagement. Thus you should zig when others zag.
  6. Posts published on Sunday get more engagement on average. Again this seems due to less competition from other posts.
  7. Posts that link to longer form articles over over 1,000 words get the most engagement.
  8. Posting images via Instagram appear to provide a 23% increase in engagement.

How do these findings chime with your own Facebook experience?

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Guide to Influencer Marketing with BuzzStream and BuzzSumo

Our webinar on outreach and influencer marketing with Paul May, CEO of BuzzStream, created a lot of discussion this week. There were many questions about the right and wrong ways to approach influencer marketing. We have summarised below the key takeaways from the webinar and shared Paul’s practical advice on how you can use BuzzStream and BuzzSumo to maximise the success of your influencer marketing.

Why influencer marketing?

Marketers increasingly recognise the importance of influencer marketing. Shareaholic estimate that a third of all content is discovered as a result of people sharing content via social media. There is also increasing evidence that people trust recommendations from friends and people they respect online and increasingly distrust ads. Thus influencers can help to amplify your content and extend your reach.

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