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The 5 Types of Blog Posts You Need to Publish for Killer Engagement Rates

Blog engagement is a fickle metric.

Sometimes it’s hard to quantify why it happens for some types of blog posts but not others – especially if your posts and articles are pretty consistent, quality-wise.

If more/better engagement is one of your content goals, you need concrete data to help you decide what to post types you need to see improved numbers. Guesswork will NOT work. In fact, measuring and tracking your content goals/results is an integral component of a successful content strategy – a concept I teach in my Content Strategy & Marketing Course.

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3 Hacks for Analysts to Help Teams Get More From Your Data

Delivering a data analysis that both motivates and enables marketers to take action is where the rubber meets the road in analytics.

It’s where analysts deliver marketing analytics value to our teams, clients or executives. It’s where we help them make informed marketing decisions that can lead to exponential growth. It’s a data-centered hero’s journey.

Let’s consider two different analysts. Rupertus and Anna-Lisa.

Rupertus’ team wants to know how a campaign or website performed.

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3 Ways to Leverage Data for Creating Popular Content

Content planning is essential for
establishing a profitable online presence for your business.

It often seems like a no-brainer, too. You
understand your market, so how hard can it be to guess the kind of content they
want to see?

Unfortunately, it’s almost always a lot more difficult than that. The companies that regularly create the kind of popular content that results in impressive ROIs are also the ones that know how to use data to do so.

Why Data Has Become Essential to Creating Popular Content

Content marketing is more important than ever. Companies that show up most often in search results enjoy an ongoing source of potential leads which can last for years after the content was actually created.

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Proud to be a Donkey: BuzzSumo Reflections on Growing a $5m SaaS Business

In January 2016 I looked back at the first 16 months of growing BuzzSumo. I thought now, 16 months later, it was probably time to provide a further update on our progress and my reflections on running a bootstrapped SaaS business.

I want to use this opportunity to challenge what I call the Unicorn orthodoxy. I have seen far too many people damaged by the stresses and strains of trying to be a unicorn. I want to set out the case for being a bootstrapped donkey and examine the pros and cons.

Unicorns and donkeys

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How to Generate Content Ideas With These 3 Awesome Tools

Do you know which topic is the most discussed about your brand or your industry?

Maybe you have a general idea about what they are talking about. But I bet that you want to know more specifically what people talk about.

Because there are questions that you can answer and you can give the solution for a certain problem. But we, marketers, have a common problem: we talk too much instead of listening more.

And how do we know what people are talking about our brand if we don’t take the time to listen to them?

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