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Error message "ActiveX component can’t create object" appears for all objects

I’m unable to create any objects in an Excel macro I am trying to write. Initially I was trying to work with MSXML2.DOMDocument60, however, I realized that i’m not able to get ActiveX to create any objects. For example, I get the same error (Run-time 429 ‘ActiveX component can’t create object’) for this line of code:

Dim ExcelSheet As Object
Set ExcelSheet = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet")

Obviously since i’m in excel, the program is installed correctly and it should have access to it. I’ve checked several other Stackoverflow pages for this. It doesn’t appear to be an issue with a reference and I can’t imagine the simple code above not working because of missing dlls since I am again already in Excel.

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How to get wifi router distance from device?

I want to calculate distance from wifi router in c/c++ code.Now I am trying a method which use RSSI and FSPL to calculate distance.

RSSI = Ptx – 10 * n * log10(d)

d = 10 ^ ((Ptx – RSSI) / (10 * n))

Ptx is the transmitter power in dBm.
n is the path-loss exponent.There are ranges of n for every type of area

2 for free space,

2.7 to 3.5 for urban areas,

3.0 to 5.0 in suburban areas,

1.6 to 1.8 for indoors when there is line of sight to the router.

But I want to find more universal formula thats works everywhere.So I have found that I can use signal-to-noicse ratio for more accurately estimate.
How is it works or is there any formula that I can use?
I have found similar links but there are not helpfull –
Link 1
Link 2

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Using FFmpeg to concatenate multiple videos with trimmed start and end and with different fps, resolutions, audio codecs [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

I’d like to use FFmpeg in a Unity project to concatenate multiple videos, selected or recorded by the user. The Unity plugin is providing FFmpeg 3.4.1 and it’s possible to call all the normal oneline commands. But I’m not sure about piping outputs to next commands.

I managed it to concatenate videos from a list.txt in general but I have some issues with their target framerate and async audio streams.

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I get a CORS error within the same web-application

This is my first time implementing a web-application on my own, so I am still learning. Be gentle :P

My web-app is running on the same machine/server. I am using Apache, PHP and MariaDB for this app. This web-app will not use any external content.

My frontend makes a POST-request to my backend using “http://localhost/rest/file.php“, on my backend I’m setting “Access-Control-Allow-Origin” to “*”. When I run the app on my laptop everything works fine, as soon as I upload it to the server I get the infamous CORS error.

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