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June’s Windows numbers: Microsoft Windows 7 maintains grip

Windows 7 in June easily retained its majority, powering over half of all Windows PCs, more evidence that the entrenched operating system will be difficult to pry from enterprises before its scheduled retirement.

The OS will be struck from Microsoft’s support list in two and a half years, on Jan. 14, 2020.

June’s Windows 7 user share — an estimate of the percentage of the world’s personal computers powered by the eight-year-old operating system — was 49%, according to U.S. analytics company Net Applications. However, Windows 7 ran 53.6% of all Windows machines. (The difference between the two figures stems from the fact that Windows powers 91.5% of the globe’s personal computers, not 100%.)

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The best enterprise tips and tricks for Windows 10

Tired of Windows 10 bossing you around? Want to master it instead of it letting it be the master of you? If so, you’re in luck, because I’ve got plenty of tips to help you get the most out of it. Whether you want to speed up the way Windows 10 works, fix its biggest headaches, protect your privacy, teach Cortana new tricks, or more, this article has what you need. Within minutes, you’ll be gleefully asking the operating system, “Who’s your daddy?”

Speed up Windows 10

No matter how fast your PC runs Windows 10, you want to run it faster. But there’s no need to upgrade to a new PC. Follow these tips to speed up Windows 10.

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The next logical step in Google’s Android-Chrome OS ‘merger’

Oh, hi there. Welcome back. How was your 4th?

While most of us were mentally checked out ahead of the U.S. holiday weekend, an interesting tidbit quietly crept onto our phones. It appeared via an out-of-sight snippet in a new beta version of the Google app—the virtual brain that controls the Google feed (formerly known as Google Now), the Google Assistant, and other important Android functions.

As the sharp-eyed sleuths at Android Police first noticed, a string of code in the updated app plainly suggests Google is preparing for its Assistant to move beyond phones and Home and make its way into the world of Chrome OS. And let me tell you: That matters—more than you might think.

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Microsoft releases 15 Office patches for July, but some June bugs still stink

On Patch Wednesday of this week, Microsoft said it released 14 non-security Office updates, covering such fascinating topics as improved Dutch translations in Word 2013, Danish translations in Access, and Finnish and Swedish translations in Excel. Typical first Tuesday stuff.

Microsoft neglected to mention that it also shipped a fix for the bugs introduced by last month’s patches to Outlook 2010. Dubbed KB 4011042, the neglected fix appears to be a non-security patch that fixes bugs created by a security patch—a red flag for many advanced patchers.

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8 useful iPhone tips for busy professionals

When time is short, when you’re under the cosh, when life is full of project deadlines, when you are in a meeting with your boss, these tips will help you stay focused and get things done.

1. Do Not Disturb

When you’ve got to focus on a project, why not use your iPhone’s built-in Do Not Disturb feature? This will silence calls, alerts and notifications while your device is locked. You can even choose to accept calls from named contacts.

To turn it on, just swipe up the screen to get to Control Center and tap the quarter moon icon. Open Settings>Do Not Disturb to decide who to Allow Calls From — just set up a short list of people you need to talk to no matter what.

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