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Leading Into Prime Day, Amazon Offers 4 Months of Music Unlimited for $0.99 – Deal Alert

Amazon’s Music Unlimited service is typically offered at $9.99/month, but Amazon has activated a special promotion as a teaser to their upcoming Prime Day on July 11. The promotion just dropped today and gets you 4 months of their Music Unlimited service for just $0.99, if you’re a Prime member (or have a 30 day Prime free trial: get one here). Music Unlimited offers tens of millions of songs, with new releases from today’s most popular artists. Listen ad-free with unlimited skips on all of your devices, and download for offline listening. Learn more about the very competitive streaming music service from Amazon, and take advantage of the $0.99 subscription offer, at Amazon’s Music Unlimited page located here.

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The ancient Microsoft networking protocol at the core of the latest global malware attack

Another day, another global malware attack made possible by a Microsoft security hole. Once again, attackers used hacking tools developed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), which were stolen and subsequently released by a group called Shadow Brokers.

This time around, though, the late-June attack apparently wasn’t ransomware with which the attackers hoped to make a killing. Instead, as The New York Times noted, it was likely an attack by Russia on Ukraine on the eve of a holiday celebrating the Ukrainian constitution, which was written after Ukraine broke away from Russia. According to the Times, the attack froze “computers in Ukrainian hospitals, supermarkets, and even the systems for radiation monitoring at the old Chernobyl nuclear plant.” After that, it spread worldwide. The rest of the world was nothing more than collateral damage.

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Toshiba Portege X30 review: The clamshell strikes back

Sleek tablets and 2-in-1s get all the attention these days, but they still take a back seat to traditional clamshell laptops for outfitting business employees. Take Toshiba’s flagship Portégé X30 (technically called the X30-D), which combines peak performance with all the amenities that a traveling executive could want in a lightweight fold-open package.

I tested a souped-up X30 that costs $2,109 and includes just about every option available, from the high-performance Core i7 7600U processor that runs between 2.8GHz and 3.9GHz to its 16GB of RAM and 256GB solid state storage system. It also includes a 13.3-in. touchscreen that supports 1920 x 1080 resolution. (Toshiba doesn’t offer an X30 model with a 4K display.)

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Four decades later, the same bugs keep popping up

Retired programmer pilot fish gets an email from his doctor’s office offering a way to save time at his next appointment: Fill in a form online to speed up the check-in process.

And fish likes the idea.

“I’m now 75 years old, and my handwriting suffers quite a lot from age and illness,” he says. “I clicked on the link and entered the required data in all the applicable fields. But when I clicked the ‘Submit’ button, I got an error message that said there was invalid data in a field.”

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June’s browser numbers: Microsoft’s Edge strategy fails

Microsoft’s browsers last month continued their free fall, again shedding a significant amount of user share, an analytics company reported today.

According to data from California-based Net Applications, the user share of Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge — an estimate of the proportion of the world’s personal computer owners who ran those browsers — fell by nearly a full percentage point in May, ending at a combined 23.2%.

May’s decline was the largest since January, and could signal a resumption of the precipitous plunge IE and Edge experienced in 2016, when the browsers lost more than 22 percentage points, almost half their total share at the start of that year, and ceded the top spot to Google’s Chrome.

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