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Is it Time to Abolish Social Media?


Sometimes I wonder how I’m still allowed to write a regular column on social media, never mind that it seems to be reasonably popular. I’m unlikely to ever write about Snapchat, for example, partly because I still can’t get my head around the platform, but mainly because focusing on the technical minutiae of specific tools seems irrelevant. It’s like discussing the art of the novel by analyzing the brand of typewriter George Orwell used.

I don’t even like the term “social media” because it defines what we do by the tools with which we do it. Therefore, any discussion of social media can’t help but emphasize the role of the typewriter while reducing the importance of the writer and his craft.

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Make Your Audience the Hero With a One-Sentence Agile User Story


Once upon a time, there was an industry on the brink of implosion.

Its members were consistently delivering the work their bosses requested, but half the time it was so disconnected from what customers wanted that it was useless. Rework ran rampant. Projects spiraled out of control, coming in horrifyingly late and absurdly over budget. By the turn of the millennium, the time had come for drastic measures.

The industry is software development. One of those drastic measures was overhauling the relationship between developers and the people who use their software by employing a powerful tool known as the user story.

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How to Write a Style Guide for Your Brand


Sometimes branding fails are caused by something getting lost in translation. For example, when Coors translated its slogan, “Turn It Loose,” into Spanish, it used a colloquial term for diarrhea.

More often, though, branding fails happen because of a lack of a clear style guide, which can result in inconsistency or miscommunication among your content team.

Branding fails happen because of a lack of a clear style guide, says @SashaLaFerte.
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Pardot research notes that 80% of consumers say “authenticity of content” is the most influential factor in their decision to become a follower of a brand. One way to foster authenticity is by achieving consistent communication and branding by creating a style guide containing instructions for all parties creating content for your company.

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How to Create Useful How-To Video Content: Essential Toolbox


If you are willing to tap into video content (and you surely should), starting with a how-to video is probably your best bet:

  • People want to know how to do stuff and offering them videos is one of the best ways to satisfy the need. Google says YouTube’s how-to searches are growing by 70% year over year.

How-to searches in YouTube grow 70% year over year according to @Google via @seosmarty. #SEO
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  • How-to videos convert incredibly well. Nearly one in three millennials say they have purchased a product directly as a result of watching a tutorial or how-to video about it.
  • Unlike viral-type videos, how-to video content is easy to research (more about that below).
  • Creating how-to videos doesn’t require big budgets either. You can create a high-quality how-to video in-house by using affordable tools I am listing below.

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The Secrets of Content Ideation: Why 4 Out of 5 Articles Fail


I recently mentioned in an AMA discussion on that I expect – and plan – for most of my content to fail. On average, I expect just one in five of my articles to succeed.

Ultimate failure can happen at the start of the content creation process – the ideation stage.

We might be rushed, unsure of our objectives, or just confused about what it is our audience wants. All of these factors can play into the quality of the content we wind up producing and, in turn, what results that content does (or doesn’t) achieve.

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