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This Week in Content Marketing: Special Episode – How We Create Content

how-we-create-contentPNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher. If you enjoy our show, we would love it if you would rate it or post a review on iTunes.

In this week’s episode

Kicking off our very special episode, Robert ponders the nature of personal style – and what happens when we start thinking outside of it. Then, Robert and I share details of our own personal working styles – how we write, manage our days, search for content ideas, create PowerPoint presentations, and much more. We also include some predictions for the last part of the year (including a Snapchat explosion at Cannes), then wrap up with an example of the week from Kawasaki.

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Content Marketing Industry: What’s Happening in Hiring [Research]

content-marketing-industry-hiring-researchHiring a new member for your content marketing team seems like a great thing. After all, whether you’re expanding the team or replacing a departing employee, you’ll have more resources to execute a successful content marketing program.

But finding and attracting quality creative content team members is a job unto itself. It’s a challenge faced by 45% of advertising and marketing executives, according to a survey of 400 U.S. industry leaders by The Creative Group.

45% of ad & marketing execs are challenged by finding quality content team members. @CreativeGroup
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In this post, we dive deeper into the data about content marketing hiring. We will explore talent costs, regions with highest demand, and how companies work to retain employees.

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Bingeable Content: How to Move Buyers Through Your Sales Cycle Faster

bingeable-content-move-buyers-sales-cycle-fasterNot that you or I ever do it – plop down on the couch, put up our feet, click on the TV, and gorge ourselves on a full season of, oh, say, The Americans. Netflix has mastered the art of prompting us – I mean, prompting people – to binge on its streaming content.

Nick Edouard, co-founder and president of LookBookHQ, suggests that we marketers make like Netflix and entice prospective customers with content they can binge on. He made this point at the Intelligent Content Conference in his talk Never Waste Another Click: How Intelligent Content Experiences Can Accelerate the Buyer’s Journey.

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17 No-Cost Ways Writers Can Extend Reach of Their Editorial

extend-reach-editorialOn LinkedIn, a writer recently lamented:

The frustrating thing is, time spent on (promotion) strategies would detract from time spent doing my job, writing content for my clients. It feels like we are focusing more on the pot of gold, not the rainbow.

As a writer, do you feel the same way?

My take is that organizations need to look at how the team as a whole is spending its time to make sure there is ample time to promote. And the person who commented on LinkedIn is also right that writers need to spend most of their time writing. But, there are things writers and editors can do to extend the reach of the content they have spent so much time and passion creating.

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How Technology Content Marketers Can Earn Trust [Tips and Examples]

technology-content-marketers-earn-trustIn our tech-driven culture, you might think that technology brands should have it easy when it comes to marketing their products and services.

From self-driving cars to customer-service chatbots and smart refrigerators that place grocery orders to cloud apps that enable global teams to collaborate in real time, technology is the ultimate driver of beneficial change. It pushes the boundaries of what humans can achieve while simultaneously becoming more deeply entrenched in everything we do in our daily lives. In terms of both its potential and its current value, few industries offer a more universal appeal.

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