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How to Promote Your Blog – 19 Easy Tactics To Get Traffic To Your Blog

We recently renewed our effort to boost the profile of our blog and increase quality traffic to our posts. As part of our improvement process, we researched successful marketers and studied their advice on how to promote your blog. Our objective was simple – learn and implement the best blog growth strategies and tactics to boost our business.

Much of the trusted blogging advice emphasizes long-term strategies – like building great content and nurturing an email list. This is clearly solid, reliable advice.

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Facebook and Twitter 2018 Rules Changes – Update

As you may know, Facebook and Twitter recently revamped their rules and policies. We strongly believe the changes at Facebook and Twitter are for the best and will lead to better user experiences and safer social media environments.

However, these changes have created some short-term confusion and uncertainty.

We wanted to provide a quick update on how these changes impact users and the steps we’re taking to help you navigate the new landscape.

Posting to Facebook Groups has been recognized as a trusted Facebook partner and will continue to provide posting to Facebook Groups.

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New Twitter Rules for 2018 and Beyond

In the wake of the 2016 US presidential election, Twitter has been in the spotlight due to the alleged use of the network by Russian bots to influence the election.

Facing heavy scrutiny from the US Congress, Twitter recently announced a number of significant rule and policy changes designed to counteract some common uses and abuses of the Twitter system. Twitter announced policy changes on February 21, 2018 with rules going into effect 30 days later on March 23, 2018.

These policy changes are aimed at reducing the influence of spam across Twitter by limiting the ability of multiple twitter accounts to coordinate the spread and amplification of certain Tweets.

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Top 5 Time Management Apps

If you read my blog posts often, you know that in addition to the resident blogger, I’m also a college student. I’m actually an online college student. With this title comes a host of challenges, not the least of which is time management. Time management apps are literally a lifesaver for me. I have 4 classes to take care of, doctor’s appointments, meetings, and a to do list for my day job. How could I possibly manage it all? The scheduler apps on my phone are literally my number one reason for maintaining my GPA. Below are my top apps that help me keep track of my busy life.

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Setting Priorities for Office Spring Cleaning

Spring is on the horizon. We’re starting to see the snow dissipate, the flowers bloom, and the trees regain their leaves (at least some of you should be seeing this). One of the customs that we have adopted is spring cleaning. The idea of purging a lot of excess in your life provides a clean slate from which to conduct your life. What better time to prioritize your office’s organization than during spring cleaning? Office spring cleaning is the practice of setting your office up for success.

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