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How to Use the Thanksgiving Holiday to Boost Productivity

Taking time off to rest, rejuvenate and replenish our reserves can be one of the most productive things to do.

While we take time off for ourselves this week, check out some of our most read productivity tips from the Social Media Minute:

Tip #1: 5 Practical Science-Based Tips to Make You More Productive

Problem: We operate on autopilot most of the day!

Not a bad view from the cockpit. But, not very productive either.

Once you start a task, you run largely on autopilot, which makes it hard to change course.

Tip #2: Two-Minute Trick to Increase Confidence and Impact Your Success

Sitting or standing with your head up and shoulders back, in what is often called a “powerful pose,” can:

  • Help prevent back pain
  • Improve your physical well-being
  • Make you better at your job (think social media blogging)
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase chances for success

bad posture can affect your health, mood, productivity, and even success?

Tip #3 – Sitting is the New Smoking: 4 Simple Tips to Avoid the Negative Side Effects (Infographic)

Stand every 20 minutes. You’ll avoid any of the negative side effects of a sedentary job.

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Airline Seating Based On Your Social Media Status? It’s Here. [Best of Social Media Minute]

I have to agree with Time Magazine, one of the greatest air travel anxieties is which random stranger will be seated next to you—especially when stress levels are already high for Thanksgiving travel.

  • Will your next door seat mate be a loud snorer?
  • Will they try to make conversation when you’d rather just take a nap?

Or are you the type that doesn’t mind striking up a dialogue at 30,000 feet? If so, the trend of “social seating” might be for you.

KLM’s Meet & Seat lets passengers share parts of their Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn profiles, see the profiles of other participants on their flight and choose seats next to someone who seems like good in-flight company.

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Simple and Inexpensive Video Solutions for Small Businesses [Research]

Lights, camera, action! Today, if a small business wants to create a video, all they have to do is reach in their pocket (and I’m not talking about taking out your wallet!).

There is no shortage of places to broadcast it either. From Periscope to Meerkat, to YouTube and Instagram, 78% of people online are watching up to 16 hours of video every month. Thought to be only for companies with deep pockets, small businesses can now take advantage of video in their marketing efforts with inexpensive tools and mass reach

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Black Friday Messaging: Earlier is Better [New Research]

New research shows that Black Friday marketers are engaging customers at the wrong time. So, when is the right time?

Or, do you think that just because you’re a small business owner, you can’t compete with the box stores like Walmart and eCommerce giants like Amazon, and eBay, so why bother? Think again!

# of Days until Black Friday:

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