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Enhanced WP-CLI + Two New Commands Now Available For All Hosting Customers

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We’re all techies at heart.

When the chips are down and things get real, everyone at DreamHost — from tech support to the executive team — puts on a pot of coffee, grabs a bag of Funyuns, and reaches for the keyboard.

For the command line.

Which is why we’re so pumped to let you know that we’re rolling out an enhanced version of WP-CLI, including the new wp doctor and wp profile instructions, across all of our hosting: shared, VPS, Dedicated, DreamPress, everywhere!

What is WP-CLI and Why Does It Matter?

WP-CLI is a command line interface for WordPress. With it, you can install and update plugins, work directly with the WordPress database, and manage themes — all without ever firing up the WordPress admin panel. If you sit in front of a computer all day like us, it can be a lifesaver! The list of stuff you can do with WP-CLI goes on and on and on.

Given all this, it’s no surprise that we love it. Just this year we’ve published WP-CLI how-tos on debugging your WordPress website, managing themes, upgrading WordPress Core, and automating management tasks. Thanks to these new commands, WP-CLI has officially gone to plaid!

The wp doctor Will See You Now

Have you ever had a broken WordPress installation? No? You’re one of the lucky few. It happens, and sometimes debugging it can be a pain. wp doctor lets you diagnose problems in WordPress and tells you everything it found. It checks for core WordPress file changes, option size limits, pending plugin and theme updates, cron job problems, and more!

[wp526648]$ wp doctor check --all

Running checks  100% [============================================] 0:02 / 0:07


| name                            | status  | message                         |


| core-verify-checksums           | success | WordPress verifies against its  |

|                                 |         | checksums.                      |

| file-eval                       | success | All 'php' files passed check fo |

|                                 |         | r 'eval\(.*base64_decode\(.*'.  |

| autoload-options-size           | success | Autoloaded options size (43.29k |

|                                 |         | b) is less than threshold (900k |

|                                 |         | b).                             |

| constant-savequeries-falsy      | success | Constant 'SAVEQUERIES' is undef |

|                                 |         | ined.                           |

| constant-wp-debug-falsy         | success | Constant 'WP_DEBUG' is defined  |

|                                 |         | falsy.                          |

| core-update                     | success | WordPress is at the latest vers |

|                                 |         | ion.                            |

| cron-count                      | success | Total number of cron jobs is wi |

|                                 |         | thin normal operating expectati |

|                                 |         | ons.                            |

| cron-duplicates                 | success | All cron job counts are within  |

|                                 |         | normal operating expectations.  |

| option-blog-public              | success | Site is public as expected.     |

| plugin-active-count             | success | Number of active plugins (3) is |

|                                 |         |  less than threshold (80).      |

| plugin-deactivated              | success | Less than 40 percent of plugins |

|                                 |         |  are deactivated.               |

| plugin-update                   | warning | 3 plugins have updates availabl |

|                                 |         | e.                              |

| theme-update                    | warning | 2 themes have updates available |

|                                 |         | .                               |


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Ready To Start an Online Business? 4 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Monday marks the beginning of National Small Business Week, a celebration of entrepreneurs and small business owners across America. While these businesses may be small in size, their potential is anything but: giants like Facebook, Apple, and Google initially started as one- or two-person shops. Even DreamHost was started in a dorm room!

While many people aspire to run their own businesses, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur — especially in the digital age. It takes a specific type of personality to handle the nuts and bolts that make up an online business. To help you decide if you’ve got what it takes to start your own web-based biz, we’ve compiled this list of vital entrepreneur characteristics.

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5 Tips For A Well-Designed Website — As Told By A DreamHost Designer

hands on laptop with design tools

By Lina Johansson

What’s the first thing a visitor sees when they click onto your website? Even before they begin reading the content, they’ve already registered your site’s design. For everyone from small business owners to bloggers, good design is not just optional. It’s a requirement.

As a designer for DreamHost, I know that design influences how people regard our brand, how they navigate our website, and even whether or not they buy our product. It’s the same for our customers and their websites too. And making that design process simpler was a huge motivator for launching our click-to-edit website builder earlier this year.

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Talking Girl Develop It L.A. and Diversity with Co-founder Natalie MacLees

If you’re a woman currently considering starting a tech career, you may be somewhat apprehensive, and with good reason. Over the years, stories of women’s struggles to overcome obstacles in a male-dominated industry have become more and more frequent. From harassment in the workplace to straight up being written out of programming history, themes of frustration, isolation, and discrimination permeate the narrative around women in tech.

Without a doubt, this industry-wide dysfunction is at the core of why fewer women enter tech fields — and even fewer ascend to high-ranking positions — than their male peers. Thankfully, access to STEM education has increased in recent years; organizations like Girls Who Code and Black Girls Code provide women and girls with hands-on coding experience and female mentors.

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How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Mobile

website wireframe sketch and digital tablet on wooden table

By Lauren Orsini

In late 2016 mobile website views surpassed desktop views for the first time ever. This major milestone should come as no surprise — it was merely the inevitable result of our culture’s growing smartphone addiction. Today’s internet user is no longer tethered to her desktop computer, and your website design shouldn’t be either. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a lot of views.

In fact, for the past two years Google has actually been penalizing websites that don’t include a mobile-optimized version. Supporting mobile browsers is no longer just a best practice but a vital component of getting your website discovered.

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