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Master Camera Movement With These 3 Courses

If you want to shoot video successfully, you’ll need to have absolute control of camera movement. So to help you, here are three courses that will teach you how to rack focus, how to pan, and how to shoot stable video using a variety of techniques and equipment.

1. Video Production on the Go

Great video production almost always depends on camera support, such as a tripod, shoulder rig, or stabilizer, but shooting handheld can be liberating (and far less expensive). You can shoot faster and go to places where bulky equipment would be prohibitive. But how do you ensure you still get decent footage? 

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The Beginner’s Guide to Packaging Design

Designing your first item of packaging can seem like a daunting endeavour, but taking your 2D designs into 3D territory needn’t be scary. This is your ultimate quick-start guide to packaging design, from which software to use to knowing about different packaging shapes and styles. You’ll also learn how to prepare your 2D artwork for printing, and we’ll look at some of the different print finishes you can apply to your designs. 

Seasoning Packaging Mockup Template

Need some extra help with making your packaging ideas a reality? The packaging design team at Envato Studio are here to help.

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Adobe XD in 60 Seconds

Adobe XD allows you to design and prototype for apps; anything from wireframes, to multiscreen experiences. Let’s see what it offers, in sixty seconds! 


Once you’ve opened the application, you can start by creating a new artboard with a variety of preset sizes, then add more artboards for additional screens within your design.

The XD Interface

Familiar tools like the line, ellipse, and rectangle tool are available from the tool bar at the left of the interface. There you’ll also find the text tool, and the pen tool which allows you to draw custom shapes.

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How to Pay Yourself From Your Small Business

When you decided to become a small business
owner, making money may not have been your only goal, but it was probably one
of them.

But often, especially in the early days of
business ownership, the money can end up flowing the other way. More than two-thirds of small business owners
invest “a substantial portion of their personal savings” into their companies,
according to an American Express survey.

Even when small business owners do pay
themselves, it can be on an occasional basis, without a clear understanding of
how much they can and should be getting paid. 

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3 Changes to Lightroom Mobile Unlock New Powers

Photographers rejoiced when Adobe launched Lightroom Mobile in 2014. The ability to keep working with your Lightroom catalog away from your desk was a long-awaited extension of the popular image manager and photo-processing platform.

However, many of the features that photographers loved from Lightroom were absent from the mobile app. Correction tools were basic. The number of devices supported by the app were limited. Connectivity was a bit cumbersome.

Sure, the basic functionality of the app hasn’t changed; synced Collections in your Lightroom catalog on your computer are accessible on Lightroom for Mobile. However, nearly everything else has changed or evolved, so it’s time for a second look at the app.

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