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19+ PowerPoint Presentation Tips: To Make Good PPT Slides in 2019 (Quickly)

In this tutorial, I’m going to share twenty quick PowerPoint presentation tips that’ll help you improve your PowerPoint presentations. You’ll see a combination of features you might not know about and get PowerPoint tips on changing your slide design to make your content shine.

Presentation Example
Every presentation benefits from a few good visuals that drive your point home. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

How to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation (Watch & Learn)

This screencast is a speed round of my very favorite PowerPoint tricks. I’ll walk you through ten of my favorite features or design steps to create a better presentation. 


Keep reading for an illustrated version of these good PPT tips (and more) that you can use to improve your PowerPoint presentations.

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How to Make Your Business Cards More Creative (19+ Ideas for 2019)

There are too many boring business cards floating around. Too many cards don’t say anything about the person’s business and are forgettable. 

Boring business cards can be death for a business. The whole point of a business card is to remind the recipient of the company and the value it can add to one’s life. 

Creative Business Card Template
Creative Business Card Template

Your business card needs to tell the story of you, your brand and your expertise. To tell that story effectively, create unique cards that leave an immediate impression. Your business card should distinguish your brand from the competition, remind people of what you do, and encourage them to reach out to you.

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International Artist Feature: Moldova

Welcome back to our International Artist Series.

we’re catching up with three amazing artists from the Eastern European country of Moldova. I
asked each artist how
their region and culture influenced their work, and they delivered

Anta Petrenco

Let’s begin with the colorful work of Anta Petrenco. A graphic designer and art director based in Chișinău, Moldova, she creates intriguing portrait illustrations with vibrant details and features.

Give her some love! See more in her portfolio.

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How to Make a Creative Resume in Photoshop Quickly (With PSD Templates)

Job hunting can be pretty challenging, especially for creatives and artists like you. How do you grab the attention of potential recruiters?

Designers, photographers, and graphic artists share the same dilemma of wanting to stand out in the creative industry. A modern and creative resume will help you showcase what you bring to the table and highlight your skills and talents.

Professional ResumeCV Clean  Minimal Design
Professional Resume/CV Clean & Minimal Design template available on Envato Elements.

Today, we’ll help you overhaul the look and feel of your traditional looking resume into a sleek and modern refresh using Photoshop.

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How to Be a Mentor in Your Workplace

Mentoring in the workplace is one of those rare things that’s good for everybody involved.

As we’ll see in this article, mentoring has important benefits for companies and for the people being mentored (known as protégés or mentees). It makes people happier and more successful, and it makes companies more diverse and productive. And another crucial point, which is often overlooked, is that it also pays off for the people doing the mentoring too.

Mentoring in the workplace
Mentoring in the workplace can have powerful benefits. Image source: Envato Elements

But how do you do it right? In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to be a good business mentor. We’ll cover the nuts and bolts of getting things started on the right foot, and then we’ll look at some best practices for being a mentor at work. And we’ll finish with some quick tips for people who are looking for a mentor.

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