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How to Make Donald Trump’s Tweets Bearable

Picture ​The new US President really is something else on Twitter. Random bursts of anger, haphazard punctuation and more talk of “fake news” than ever before – Donald Trump has it all. The problem? His twitter posts look a tiny bit like they were written by a child. Cue the new browser extension that turns that beautiful vision into a reality. Available on Chrome or Firefox, ‘Make Trump Tweets Eight Again’ converts Donald Trump’s tweets into childish scribbles. According to the extension’s website, the app is simply converting tweets “back into their rightful state”. Whether you like him or not, the result is just brilliant. Here are some of our favourites… Picture Picture Picture Take a look for yourself and share your favourite tweets with us…

Stuff We Love Online: Simpsons Pictures That I Have Gone and Done

Chris (simpsons artist) We’d love to meet Chris (Simpsons artist), the man behind ‘Simpsons Pictures That I Have Gone and Done’. A supremely talented illustrator / creator of unforgettable imagery, he has built up a cult-like following of devoted fans and supporters across his social media channels.

​If you appreciate the weirder things in life, you’ll love his work. Had a rough day? Do yourself a favour and take a closer look…

Chris (Simpsons artist) has built up a genuinely engaged community on his Facebook page and regularly responds to comments left on his pictures with touching (and often hilarious) replies. 

Q: Chris (Simpsons artist) what would your powers be if you were a pokeman?

A: i think that if i was a pokemon my power would be to just be able to have a eat of as much bread as i want without feeling sick and i would lie down on my bedroom floor all day just eating every single slice of life that i can fit inside of my throat it would be so beautiful.

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