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How to Set Up a Smart Bedroom

mobile phone with apps in modern luxury bedroom
zhu difeng/Shutterstock

You may spend most of the time in your bedroom sleeping, but it can still benefit from smarthome technology. A smarter bedroom can help you get to sleep and wake up in the morning.

Why a Smart Bedroom?

Bedrooms are a unique room in your living space, you spend a great deal of time in it, but most of that is usually spent sleeping. Adding smarthome technology can enhance a bedroom, so long as you think through your choices. With a few devices, you can make your bedroom more comfortable for sleeping and relaxing. A smart display, lights, smart shades, and smart plugs can help you get to bed and wake up feeling refreshed.

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How to Build an Awesome Summer Reading List

Woman relaxes in a hammock reading a book from her summer reading list
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A book, a beach chair, and a beautiful day. Is there any better place to read than outside in the sun? But what to read? Let’s look at putting together a great summer reading list.

I read, a lot; I read almost 90 books last year, so I’ve gotten pretty good at always having something ready to go next, but it can be a struggle. You get so invested in the book or series that you’re reading that you really don’t think about what you’re going to do with your evenings when you turn that final page. Here’s how I like to find books to read.

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Steam Won’t Support Ubuntu 19.10 and Future Releases

Stylized Steam logo

Do you use Steam on Ubuntu? You may have to switch to a new Linux distro in the future. A Valve developer announced that Steam won’t officially support Ubuntu 19.10 or future releases. Ubuntu-based Linux distributions are also affected.

This is all because Canonical announced plans to drop 32-bit packages and libraries from Ubuntu 19.10. These packages enable 32-bit software to run on 64-bit versions of Ubuntu.

While most Linux applications will get along just fine, this is a huge blow to Valve’s Steam. Many Linux games on Steam are only available in 32-bit form—they work on 64-bit Linux distributions, but only with the 32-bit libraries. As Phoronix recently pointed out, this also affects the Wine compatibility layer that allows running Windows software on Linux—Wine won’t be able to run 32-bit Windows software anymore. Steam’s compatibility layer for running Windows games on Linux would also not work for 32-bit games.

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