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How to Make Your Dumb Window Air Conditioner Smart

A Window air conditioner unit with a smart plug on top of it.
Josh Hendrickson

Window A/C units are critical in homes without central air conditioning. But turning every unit on and off is a pain, and smart air conditioners are expensive. With a smart plug, you can make many A/C units smart.

Why Make a Window A/C Smart?

An iClever smart plug on top of an A/C units plug, over a blue blanket.
Josh Hendrickson

Window air conditioners are expensive, often ranging from $200 to $500. They do make up for that cost by lasting a long time—it’s not uncommon to see them work for five to ten years. The best way to cool several rooms in a home is to buy multiple units, one for each room. But that leaves you running from room to room to turn them on when you get home. Later, you’re running around to turn them off to save electricity. And when you come home, your home may be hot until you turn your air conditioners on and they have a chance to cool things down. But you may not want to run them all day if you’re away from home.

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HyperX Cloud Stinger Review: A Comfy Gaming Headset, No Bells nor Whistles

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is a lightweight, comfy, but somewhat limited headeset.
Michael Crider

HyperX’s Cloud Stinger is a simple wireless headset built with gamers in mind. But “simple” isn’t the same as “bad,” and this one gets a tentative recommendation through ease of use and comfort.

There isn’t much to the Cloud Stinger Wireless—no hardware-based surround sound, detachable microphone, not even a configuration tool for Windows. But that simplicity might be precisely what you’re looking for: just plug the receiver into your PC (or as it might be, your Nintendo Switch or PS4) and you’re ready to go.

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Microsoft’s New Windows Terminal Is Now Available

New Windows Terminal showing Linux applications
Microsoft via The Verge

You can now download a preview version of the new Windows Terminal app from the Store on Windows 10! Microsoft released this application on the evening of June 21 after a listing showed up earlier that day.

After downloading the Windows Terminal app from the Store, you can take advantage of all the new features—including tabs, finally! You can combine tabs from the traditional Command Prompt, Linux Bash instances, and PowerShell in the same window. It’s a deeply customizable environment, too. Here’s how Microsoft describes it:

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Daily News Roundup: Malware in Your Pirated Software

Researchers at ESET and Malwarebytes have discovered crypto mining malware hidden in pirated music production software. The pirated software loads the malware in an emulated copy of Linux Preview Changes (opens in a new window)and can infect Windows, Linux, and even MacOS.

Downloading pirated software is generally a bad thing to do. Not only does it deprive developers of earnings for their hard work, but you may also put yourself at risk in the process. Case in point, researchers at ESET and Malwarebytes, recently published findings of malware they’ve dubbed Loud Miner and Bird Miner respectively.

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