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How to Use the Folders Panel in Lightroom

The web is full of articles about Lightroom’s Develop Module. It’s the flash part of Lightroom, making our images look so much better. It truly is the heart of Lightroom, but if you can’t find images when you need them, you may as well have never shot them. That’s where the Folders Panel in Lightroom. Because if Develop is the heart of Lightroom, then the Library module is definitely the head.

The Library module is all about managing your images. It uses a range of tools to do this. Key among these are Folders and Collections. In this article, we’ll be looking at the Folders Panel.

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Weekly Photography Challenge – Hiking

Time to hit the trails!

By Loren Kerns

Weekly Photography Challenge – Hiking

This week it’s time to get off the couch and get out into nature. Find a hike to do locally and go for a little trek with your camera. See what you find along the way to photograph. You don’t have to scale mountains or go somewhere exotic or far away. Look in or near your own area.

Bring a buddy or two and photograph your hiking pals. Read this for more help as well: Taking your DSLR into the Backcountry Safely

By True New Zealand Adventures

By Hugo Chisholm

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Happy Trails – 19 Adventuresome Images of Hiking

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere and a great activity that many participate in is hitting the hiking trails. It goes hand in hand with photography as hiking takes you to little-seen places and gorgeous vistas like this:

By Jeff Krause

By Justin Jovellanos

By Hernán Piñera

By citizen for boysenberry jam

By Nate Swart

By Ian D. Keating

By Douglas Scortegagna

By Deborah Lee Soltesz

By Ranch Seeker

By David Stanley

By Jeff Turner

By Marvin Chandra

By Adam Bautz

By will_cyclist

By Loren Kerns

By albedo20

By Patrick

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Practical Advice for How to Use Your Photographer’s Metadata

I would love for you to look back at the article that I did a couple of months back. It is very simple to say that Photographer’s Metadata (PM) includes all the things that you know about your photograph which no one else is aware of. It is simple to say, but it is not so easy to grasp all the consequences.

So many consequences.

The aim of the previous article was to advance the idea of Photographer’s Metadata (PM). I think even the least concerned photographer has some vague thoughts in the back their minds about Photographer’s Metadata. However, if you are more aware of it, then it might become an important part of your photographic journey.

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Photo Editing Alternative – An Overview of ACDSee Ultimate 10

As more and more people take up digital photography and want to get started editing, many are asking the question, are Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop my only options? ­­­At ACD Systems, they have their own editing software called ACDSee Ultimate 10, which allows you to do many of the same functions as the former.

Adobe’s subscription model—membership and monthly payments—is a big turn off to many, particularly because if the price becomes too high, it will become unattainable, and then they will be left with nothing. We have already seen some price hikes recently. ACDSee Ultimate 10 could be perfect for those looking for an alternative to what Adobe offers.

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