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4 Ways to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your Link Building

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Link building is still as important as ever to business owners even though it’s a bit different today than it was in the recent past.

You used to be able to build any type of link and get an SEO benefit from them.

But now, with all the changes over the years, only the very best links have any real benefit to them.

These links are given a lot of weight by Google, and they also usually send traffic directly to your site.

The problem is that these links are much harder to get than the junk links that used to pass as “good link building.”

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5 Simple Steps to Creating Profitable Promoted Pin Campaigns on Pinterest


Advertising is different from SEO.

While SEO is almost identical no matter which search engine you’re talking about (and there aren’t too many), advertising is not.

The process of creating ad campaigns on Google will look different from the process of creating ad campaigns on sites such as Facebook or Pinterest.

It’s important to choose one or two channels—and learn the ins and outs of them—rather than try to become an expert in all of the channels available.

How do you know which one(s) to use?

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Reader Personas

reader personas

There’s only one key behind producing great content, day after day…

You don’t need to be the best writer.

You don’t need to be a top expert (although it can help).

You don’t need any fancy tools (although they can also help).

What you do need to do is understand your reader.

Most marketers would rather spend time learning about a new traffic tactic than spend time learning about their readers, and it’s the reason why they struggle.

Let me illustrate the importance of this with a simple example:

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5 Ways to Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly for Increased Traffic and Engagement

I think it’s safe to say that smartphones aren’t a fad.

Jokes aside, mobile Internet usage has been going up year after year.

In fact, the number of mobile users has now exceeded the number of desktop users.


All that means is that if you’re not optimizing your content and your website as a whole, you’re likely not making the most of your traffic.

Additionally, it may be preventing you from getting more traffic.

In 2015, Google announced that it created a mobile-friendly algorithm, which the industry dubbed “mobilegeddon.” 

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting a Content Audit


Is your content a mess?

It might be high quality (it might not be), but that doesn’t mean that it’s organized.

It also doesn’t mean that you’re producing all of the right kind of content that your readers want to see.

Most online businesses that use content marketing have weaknesses in their content.

Either the content isn’t performing as well as it could be, or they’re missing content on certain topics and keywords altogether.

And this includes good businesses too, so don’t feel bad if you don’t think your content marketing is quite as good as it could be.

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