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4 Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics That Hurt You in the Long Run


There are two sides to conversion optimization.

The first one is the one that’s in the open. You perform tests, measure activity, and choose the winner that will yield a better conversion rate for your business.

The conversion rate might be for opting in to an email list, buying products, or signing up for a demo.

But behind that conversion rate number, there’s a more complex factor lurking…

Marketers love conversion rates because they give us something to measure and base our decisions on. But they can be taken too far.

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8 Tools That Will Help You Get Inside Your Readers’ Heads


Do you hate the phrase “getting inside your reader’s head?”

Although you know you are supposed to be able to do it, you don’t have any specific instructions on how to do it.

Of course, it’s important to understand your current readers and those you are trying to attract with your content, but that’s one of the hardest skills you have to develop as a writer.

It’s going to take years of continuous improvement to become really good at it.

However, there are ways for you to get this information much sooner—namely, formulas and tools.

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How to Improve Your Revenue Using Video Ads

As a marketer, you always want to be ahead of the curve.

The most effective tactics are always the ones that the majority of marketers either haven’t adopted yet or haven’t been successful with yet.

One of the current tactics that fall into that category is the use of video in advertising.

Very few marketers have tried to create video ads, but that will change in the coming years.

The consumption of video in general is growing at a rapid pace. Over half (55 percent) of people watch at least one video a day. Some watch several dozen.

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Don’t Drive Your Business Into the Ground: 5 Ways Metrics Can Cause Bad Decisions


We’ve all done it before…

At some point in our lives, whether it’s related to marketing or something else, we’ve lied to ourselves.

It’s natural to want to feel good, and the brain can distort truths to make you feel that way.

But lies get in the way of progress.

They can make you feel okay about not putting in the effort required for success.

The scariest part is that sometimes we don’t even know we’re doing it.

The cause of this, when it comes to marketing and business, is using metrics incorrectly.

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