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The #1 Reason Why Twitter Ads Are Costly (And The 3 Step Process to Make Them Profitable)

This is how most of us start advertising: Write a tweet or a status, set a budget, choose some targeting options and then boost the post to earn more clicks.

After that, we just hope for best.

This method might work for Facebook because of its advanced and complex targeting option, but does it work for Twitter? No chance at all!

Costly Twitter Ads

Twitter is all about conversation and interactions, so the one thing that matters most on Twitter is: Twitter Engagement

Twitter engagement is one of the most important metrics while measuring your content performance. It can help you find the most valuable posts and understand your audience.

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How To Name Your Startup The Smart Way

Naming your startup is one of those problems that can keep you stuck if you let it.

It can simultaneously seem inconsequential and life-or-death important, and it’s not usually solved by dedicating more labor to it. In fact, more “cooks in the kitchen” tends to just muddy the brainstorming waters and make it even harder to find a good name.

How to name your startup

What you need isn’t effort, you say, it’s money! is up for auction, but the bidding starts at $130,000, and the owner won’t sell to us for less because he knows we’re a startup! All is lost.

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4 Easy Ways to Use Pinterest to Send Traffic To Your Site

Pinterest has gotten a lot of attention for its overall success at driving ready-to-buy to purchase from pins they’ve seen, boosting sales and conversions like email sign-ups.

This makes sense, since so many users on Pinterest use the platform to research buying decisions.

Use Pinterest to Send Traffic

In order to get more sales, however, you first need to know how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site, especially since very few businesses have access to the buyable pins that would allow pinners to purchase without leaving the site.

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Clickbait Copycat: How Can You Resist Clicking these 10 Facebook Ads? (Part 2)

Clickbait works. Whether we like it or not.

People hate the idea of clickbait. But used properly – for good! – it’s one of the most powerful ways to grab attention in this increasingly saturated world.

Clickbait Copycat

Here’s why clickbait works, along with 10 irresistible clickbait Facebook advertising examples to learn from, copy and steal.

Why Clickbait Works:

It’s no great mystery. It ain’t like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. (Although BuzzFeed is kinda like the Bermuda Triangle of the internet.)

Clickbait works because it (a) appeals to your lizard brain and (b) tickles your innate desire for curiosity. (That’s the TL;DR version anyway.)

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9 Best Lead Magnets for Ecommerce, Startup, Software, and Local Businesses

Let’s do a quick test, shall we?

Rummage through your hard drive, checking especially those folders and archives you wouldn’t look into that often. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of different lead magnets in there. eBooks, checklists, webinar recordings or templates. Then check your email too, particularly that account you use to sign up for various services. You’ll probably find webinar invitations, drip campaigns, emails including coupons and discounts, podcast notifications… you name it.

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