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5 Drip Campaign Blueprints to Help You Design the Perfect Email Sequence

Irritating, isn’t it?

You see everyone using drip campaigns to promote their businesses, products or services.

Post after post tries to convince you to use them too.

But when you sit down to create your drip sequence…

…you blank out.

5 Drip Campaign Blueprints

In spite of all the research you did, you have no idea where to start. You don’t know what information to include and how to order it to deliver the best effect.

You’re stuck before you even began.

That’s why we decided to help.

We collected 5 drip campaigns blueprints on which you could base your very own email sequence.

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Why Your Facebook Advertising ROI Sucks (And How to Fix It)

We’ve all been there.

THIS campaign is gold.

The headline is irresistible. Ad copy clever. You’ve spent hours fine-tuning the image selection.

And yet…

The click-rate is atrocious. Traffic nonexistent. And sales? Crickets.


The good news – despite your lackluster results believe it or not – is that Facebook advertising is still a viable medium. No need for rash decisions to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The bad news is that searching for a ‘silver bullet’ is a waste of time. There’s no single switch to flip and turn performance around.

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How Shop Direct Got 20X ROI Off One Facebook Campaign

In the not too distant past, if a retailer wanted to advertise a big sale, it required a carefully coordinated, costly, cross-channel campaign to reach people with TV ads, newspapers, direct mail, or email. Even after all that, it was hard to tell whether the right ad was getting to the right customer and whether any of it was even paying off.

These days, there’s Facebook.

Shop Direct Got 20X ROI Off

When Black Friday 2015 rolled around, the British online retailer Shop Direct didn’t just spring sales on surprised shoppers. Instead, they slowly primed their customer base for weeks before through a steady Facebook ad campaign, one that brought customers down the funnel from a vague knowledge of the brand to check out in an almost imperceptible manner.

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A No BS Guide to Why ‘Engagement’ Matters

There are no tips in this post.

There’s little-to-no mention of tools.

Those have been well covered by many others.

If that’s what you’re looking for, go read: 5 Writing Tricks That Increase the Readers Engagement by Pawel, and 23 Strategies to Increase Your Twitter Engagement by Ana.

Instead, this is a persuasive argument to prove why social media engagement is critical.

Because no one ever answers that.

why engagement matters guide

Arm-chair ‘social media experts’ say that it is. But don’t go on to define it.

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Steal these 5 Actionable Strategies to Get Ecommerce Sales with Custom Audiences

Facebook Ads can be used to accomplish a variety of objectives; you can effectively drive app installs or engagement, get more engagement on a post, and send traffic to your site. You can also use Facebook Ads to drive eCommerce sales to your site.

There are plenty of tools advertisers can use on Facebook Ads in order to increase eCommerce sales; the call to action button “Shop Now,” for example, has proven to be highly useful, as has the image carousel ads. One of the best tools advertisers can use to get eCommerce sales quickly has nothing to do with the composition or format of the actual ad and has everything to do with targeting.

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