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How to Un-Suck Your B2B Offer

Sure. Your headline is important. So too is the supporting copy.

A clean, distraction-free design. And a compelling CTA.

How to Un-Suck Your ‘Free’ B2B Offer

But those are just table stakes. They get you to industry average conversions. Not beyond.

Your ad ROI is only as good as your offer.

Here’s why, and how to create a better one.

Why Your B2B Advertising Offer Sucks (And Why it Needs to Change)

Death, taxes, and free consultations. The three things every B2B marketer can count on in their lifetime.

Trouble is, each and every single competitor is also leading with a similar the exact same offer.

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Coming Soon: The Instagram Changes You Need to See

Most social media sites start out as being purely user-friendly and slowly shift towards being marketing-friendly, too. Over time, sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter went from focusing all on the user to adding features like ad platforms and analytics information for businesses.

Instagram has officially joined their ranks.

Instagram News

Instagram first made the steps towards being more business friendly a few months back when Instagram Ads rolled out for businesses. Then they announced that you could switch more easily between profiles. And finally, as of last week, they announced some big additions coming to Instagram for business, including business profiles and a few features to accompany them.

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Why Retargeting Isn’t the End All to Facebook Ads (And How to Get Cold Traffic That Is)

If you go on almost any social media marketing or Facebook Ads blog, you’ll see a long list of posts focused on retargeting—how important it is, methods to retarget successfully, and how to make sales with it.

This is all great, but these posts, unfortunately, are forgetting one thing: retargeting isn’t the only part of Facebook Ads that matters.


Retargeting seems to be the current buzzword in social media marketing; it can help boost sales and keep people around, sure, but in general (and like any buzzword), it’s way overhyped. It can help your business, but without cold traffic, it’s not sustainable.

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6 Facebook Advertising Hacks I Wish We Had Known Before Launching Our First Campaign

You know the feeling when you plan for the best, taking time to prepare thoroughly, and as you start implementing the plan you see that it… Just. Won’t. Work.

So you ditch the initial plan and start to twitch the small details to grasp what helps to improve the situation. After all, people are counting on you.

Facebook Advertising Hacks

I’m going to be honest and talk about all the (embarrassing rookie) mistakes that I made in my first Facebook ad campaign and show you how I finally turned these around to our advantage.

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5 Must-Do Ways to Market a Free eBook (and How We’ve Implemented Them)

Look, there’s just no point in denying: Lead generation got hard. Bloody freaking hard. Not that it was ever easy, but you have to admit: The days of people signing up for any email list that caught their eye are long gone.

Today, buyers have too much choice, too many opportunities, and are too freaked out by all the talk about online privacy to hand over their emails to anyone who asks.

But does that mean you can’t generate leads anymore? No, of course not!

Promoting and Marketing your Free Ebook

However, just putting an eBook out there and hoping for the best probably won’t get you any meaningful results.

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