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How to Sell on Instagram

Instagram has a growing audience, and thanks to Instagram Ads, it’s easier to connect with that audience than ever.

Gaining followers and increasing engagement has taken up most of the focus on Instagram, as it gives brands the opportunity to share images of their products and cultivate brand loyalty and interest among followers.

This is partly because, until recently, there wasn’t any way to actually sell from Instagram.

How to Sell on Instagram

With Instagram’s popularity, it’s no surprise that methods of selling on Instagram have been slowly rolling out—some from Instagram and some from third party services that use a little creativity. In this post, we’re going to look at the best ways to sell on Instagram, and what makes it harder to do so.

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Breaking News: Facebook Changes the 20% Text Rule

Facebook Ads has a lot of rules and guidelines, and it can be difficult to keep up with them all. There’s rules about landing pages and appropriate targeting, for example, and a whole slew of additional rules to follow if you fall within certain industries. And if you don’t remember to follow all of Facebook’s guidelines, your ad will almost certainly be rejected.

Breaking News

One of the most commonly forgotten rules was Facebook’s 20% text rule. Big news for marketers and Facebook advertisers broke today, letting us know that the 20% rule has been changed (though has not quite been discarded). Keep reading for all the details!

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Buying Facebook Likes Sucks, Here’s The Data To Prove It!

I get it, believe me, I perfectly get it and I’ve been in your position before: Your customer or boss woke up yesterday and discovered that your competitor’s Facebook page has more likes than you do and now wants you to overcome this, on a tight budget. Quickly!

You don’t want to look lame with only a few hundreds likes while your competitor has thousands. So you give in to temptation and even if, likely, you know or feel it’s wrong, you buy likes.

Buy Facebook Likes

Not acquire, but simply buy. A few hours later, with 0 effort and an expense of few dollars you’ve beaten your competitor and can now brag about having more likes than him…Case closed.

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How Discovering Customer Attitudes Towards Your Product Will Help You Design Better Ads

To successfully advertise a product, you need an ad creative that reflects your potential users’ needs, problems or desires.

And I’m sure that part is clear.

But I bet you’re still struggling with creating ads that meet those criteria, right?

Discover costumers attitudes towards your products

You try to guess what would make the audience tick.

What product features you should highlight in the copy.

And what use cases would make the ad super relevant to the target audience.

The good news is that the solution is quite simple:

You need to find out what your existing customers think about the product and use this insight when creating the ad.

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Using Facebook Targeting to Build Your Product Line (Our 6-week experiment, week 2)

The first flush of starting a business is incredibly exciting but can just as quickly give way to frustration and doubt.

You can spend a ton of time trying to perfect a product, only to realize after launching that people don’t have anywhere near the same enthusiasm.

Use Facebook's Targeting To Build Your Product Line

That’s why you always want to start small. Get a product and put it in front of customers as soon as possible. Pay attention to how they respond and listen to their feedback.

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