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Stock Photo Sites with Gorgeous, Copyright Free Images

Images are a big part of everything you do online. While your logo is the most important, you still have to worry about the images you’ll use for everything else; your website, ads, and blog posts are only a few examples of content that will need images to go along with it.

Copyright free images

In a recent post we took a look at copyright infringement; plenty of people will unknowingly violate copyright infringement laws by taking images they find online or through Google and using them on their own site without permission.

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Your Brain on Facebook: How to Design an Ad People Will ‘Like’

Marketers know the ropes of online advertising: they know how to boost SEO, they understand the power of geotargeting, and they can do a pay-per-click analysis like it’s no big deal.

But advertising on Facebook is a whole different ballgame.

Your brain in Facebook

That’s because when people log on to the social network, their brains enter Facebook mode. People behave differently on Facebook than they do anywhere else online. And if your ads don’t reflect that difference, you’re operating from an expired field guide.

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The Amazing, Breathtaking, Colossal, Really Really Useful List of Landing Page and CRO Resources

The Colossal List of Landing Page and CRO Resources

If you want to launch a landing page that’s going to sweep competition off their feet…well, you really have only two options then:

Build what you think is the best page out there and hope for the best.


Read and learn as much as possible about it first. And then make informed decisions about every aspect of the process.

And guess which method would work best….

You know:

When my hard earned $$$ is involved, I prefer not to count on my luck too much… And thus, I build resource files containing references to all the information I would need on every aspect of my work.

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Copyright Infringement: What Images Can Bloggers Actually Use?

Imagine that you’re a food blogger, and you’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time perfecting a new recipe and then plating it, getting the light and background just right, and taking (and then editing) a ton of pictures to get the perfect one. You post it on your blog, proud of all the hard work and results. And then a few weeks or months later, you see another post on another site for a similar recipe…but they’re using your image.


This is, unfortunately, a lot more common than you’d think. It definitely happens with content, but it happens more often (and more shamelessly) with images. Because they’re so easy to access and share on their own sites, people don’t think twice about using them as their own, and normally this happens without any malignant intentions.

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How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

When a lot of people think of LinkedIn, they think about it as a job finding and professional networking tool. Some people don’t even necessarily consider it as a social media site.

While plenty of people use LinkedIn to promote themselves, not many are aware that you can promote your business on LinkedIn, too.

How to promote your business on Linkedin

LinkedIn is growing into a “priority site” position for brands and marketers, and as more and more people join your site, the better it bodes for any marketing work you do there. When it comes to promoting your business, LinkedIn is a great place to do it since people are coming there to learn about businesses from a professional standpoint—this isn’t something they necessarily do on other platforms, even if they’re following you on Twitter or have Liked your Page.

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