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What Can You Learn From LEGO’s Content Marketing Strategy

You’re great at writing business plans, coming up with product ideas, and devising long-term goals. But do you struggle when it comes to content marketing?

What’s that? Did I hear a “yes”?

Lego's Content Marketing Strategy

Well, you don’t need to hesitate, or feel embarrassed, because you’re not the only individual/brand struggling with content marketing.

A new research by the CMO Council reveals that though everyone considers content as the “king”, only 2 percent of marketers believe they’ve created highly-effective strategies. Too many brands develop self-serving content without any relevance with varying decision-making target audiences.

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7 Places to Find Awesome References That Add Authority to Your Content

Intimidating, isn’t it?

You flick through the RSS feed. And with each post you open, your confidence level drops a notch.

They all seem so authoritative.


And superior to everything you’ve ever published.


data and references for your content

Look closely though. You’re not intimidated by those authors’ vocabulary. Sentence structure. Tone. Or even ideas at that.

It’s the data and references they use to explain concepts and back up claims that drag you down.

Today I’ll help you change that. I’m going to show you EXACTLY where they find all this data.

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