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SEO Packages: Why You Should Avoid Pre-Bundled SEO


When you bring up Search engine optimization at a business networking event you’re likely to get wildly different reactions based on who you’re speaking to.

While there are many seasoned professionals who rightly hail SEO services as a savior of their business, there are many who decry the digital marketing practice, labeling it a scam or a fad.

That second group was likely the victim of a black hat SEO company, offering discounted services and taking a number of shortcuts which at one time might have been beneficial. Google now polices content for black hat SEO and punishes offenders accordingly.

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SEO Specialists: What They Do + Steps on How to Become One


If you’re looking to forge a career in the digital marketing industry, there are three letters you need to know.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the means by which popular search engines like Google determine where a website is placed on their search engine results pages. Anything beyond the first page gets little to no traffic, so SEO is a constant complicated battle, with tremendous spoils going to the victor.

Because of the importance placed on SEO, qualified and skilled SEO specialists are in high demand. But what is an SEO specialist? What do they have to do? How do you become one? And most importantly, what kind of money does an SEO specialist make?

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Amazon SEO in 2019: The Beginner’s Guide to Increased Sales


Let’s face it, modern retail lives online. That’s not to say that the concept of a brick a mortar location is outdated or going away anytime soon.

Far from it.

But to ignore the effect of online retail in 2019 is to not only shoot yourself in the foot but burn your entire company down in the process.

It’s no secret that online retail is popular and effective in appealing to a modern audience. And there is no more popular online retail platform than Amazon.

But with thousands of businesses competing on Amazon, how can you make sure that your company is able to stand out among the crowd.

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Small Business Digital Marketing: 2019 Research Study & Statistics


Digital marketing is important to small businesses across all industries. A marketing strategy can include a variety of tasks, including improving SEO (search engine optimization), boosting website traffic, maintaining social media pages, and tracking returns on investments. The question that often arises is, how much do small business owners really know about online marketing and the best ways to utilize these efforts?

We surveyed 1,000 small business owners with at least one employee and a website for the business. The goal of this survey was to learn how small business owners handle online marketing efforts.

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How to Effectively Display Infographics on Your Site

Web Development

Infographics are an effective way to hold readers’ interest and help explain the nitty gritty details of complicated or mundane topics in an exciting and visual way.

Whether you want to hire someone to make an infographic for your site or you want to make it on your own, you might run into some challenges.

For example, if your infographic doesn’t have some structure, viewers won’t be able to dissect the information easily, and you might lose their attention.

And if you don’t know how to display your infographic, all of your hard work could go to waste.

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