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Using Social Media to Improve Your Customer Service

This is probably one of the most missed opportunities for small businesses when it comes to social media. Because social media can be so complicated—you have to have someone manage it, you have several different platforms to work with, your content has to be relevant and engaging, you need to be looking at metrics for analysis, etc.—customer service is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind.

While using social media for customer service purposes may not be the first thing to worry about when creating a social strategy, it isn’t something that should go unnoticed completely. Once you are a little bit more advanced and have all of your different social accounts running smoothly you can start to take on customer service requests. You have to create an entirely new strategy to make this work, but it’s an excellent avenue to use to help set you apart from the competition.

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Google+ Results and Reviews No Longer Available in Google SERPs

There have been rumors for a while now that maybe Google+ would be removing their links from showing up as results on a user’s SERP, while other rumors said that Google+ would amp up this feature of Google+ since the social aspect wasn’t working so well. In the end, though, everyone knew that a change was probably on the horizon and now we finally get to see what they’ve decided—Google+ links and reviews will no longer be a part of search results.

Google never actually made an announcement about this change, but Search Engine Journal covered the story here, and through my own search queries I can see that it’s true. I typed in several queries where articles we’ve written and shared on Google+ would normally show up in search results and now only the original link to the articles is showing up. The start reviews are also no longer apart of the SERPs, which is what I find most surprising of all.

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What Is MLM Marketing and Is It Worth It for Your Business?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing, and it is essentially a strategy where your sales team will earn compensation for the sales they generate as well as the sales that other salespeople that they recruited generate. If it sounds a little bit odd or sketchy, that’s because it is. MLM marketing can be done right, but too many companies are getting caught up in the fad and taking risks that only work for the short term and not the long term. It’s important to understand how it works and how to make it work correctly before diving into anything, which is where this article comes into play (and for many, the information needs to come sooner rather than later).

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