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Personal Branding: The Ultimate A to Z Guide

When you’re looking for a job, you should expect to be Googled.

When you’re trying to land a speaking engagement for a big industry event, you should expect to be Googled.

When you send a guest contributor pitch to a blog you admire, you should expect to be Googled.

The truth is, anyone that may end up working with you in some capacity wants to get a good idea of your work and your personality before responding to your email or getting you to schlep all the way into the office.Click here for free professional bio tips & templates that will get you  noticed.

That’s where you personal brand comes in. Your personal brand refers to the way you present or market yourself, your skills, and your work. And if you want to get past that initial Google search, you’re going to want to develop a personal brand that accurately reflects what you’re capable of.

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Only 7% of People Actually Trust Google’s Featured Snippets

When you look up the word “snippet” in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition you’ll find is, “a small part, piece, or thing; especially: a brief quotable passage.”

So, what does that mean in the context of marketing?

It could carry any number of meanings, really. It could be an excerpt from a larger piece of content in the form of a blog post. It could be a fragment from an ebook used as marketing copy. Or, it could pertain to search engine results.

It’s that last context that we’re here to discuss today — specifically, the featured snippet, and what people think of. What is it, and can it be trusted?Click here to download our free guide to search engine optimization (SEO) for  2017.

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What is the Internet of Things? (And Why You Should Care — A Lot)

I’ve said it before, and I’ve said it again: I’m endlessly fascinated by how much we, as humans, have adapted to emerging technologies.

A few weeks ago, when I covered the Samsung Developer Conference, I had the following thought:

“Think about some of the pieces of technology or up-and-coming topics that, maybe five years ago, we thought had nothing to do with us. Those of us who ignored them quickly fell behind the curve.”

The internet of things is one such topic. It’s still emerging. Some consumers are still learning how to adapt to it. But it won’t stay that way for long.

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How Buyers Want to Talk to Your Business in 2018: The 3 Channels You Need

When we talk about conversion, we’re essentially talking about an exchange.

Let’s say, for example, you’re offering a piece of downloadable content to your site visitors. It’s “free,” in terms of the lack of money paid for it, but some other information is traded. So, for example, in exchange for this ebook, the visitor fills out a form with a certain amount of contact information. At the end of the day, it’s still a transaction.

But now — 11 years after HubSpot first came into existence — these transactions are starting to become diversified, and so are the reasons why we have them.

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10 Little Ways to Sneak in Exercise at Work (Without Looking Silly)

Hectic schedules can make it seem impossible to fit workouts into our busy week. The prospect of packing a gym bag, trudging to your local gym, working out, showering, changing, and trudging back to where you came from takes an awful lot of time.

But you aren’t doing yourself any favors by disregarding your health — no matter how packed your workday is.When you neglect exercise, you’re putting both your physical and your mental health at risk, which can negatively impact your productivity and effectiveness at work.

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