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Facebook Post Reach: Post-Level Reporting

I’ve written previously on Reporting on Facebook Reach, particularly at the Page Level. Another opportunity is to dive more deeply into Reach reporting at the Post Level.

This can be useful in many cases and allows us to more fully understand Facebook Post Reach.

Why You Need to Report on Facebook Post Reach

There are a couple of times in particular when reporting on post reach is useful…

1) When you want to consider organic results in your reporting for paid posts.

  • Particularly relevant when you have a paid post or campaign that performs extremely well among paid content, as it can often become heavily served by Facebook’s system organically as a result.
  • Without including organic results, you might be missing out on a great deal of performance data and insight.

2) When you are trying to identify particularly high performing posts — potentially for promoting them later — and you’d like to use Reach data as an indicator of post performance.

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Take Your Ads From Failing To Scaling

We’ve all been there. Your ads are running just fine and then seemingly out of nowhere they stop performing.

You’re surprised and disappointed to learn that your ads have stopped producing a profitable return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), they don’t have a steady click-through rate, and/or you don’t have any new quality leads.

When the initial shock begins to wear off, you’re stuck wondering where to go next with your ad performance.

Your brain is buzzing with questions: Perhaps you could have monitored your ads more often? Maybe you could’ve tested more creative? Did you make an unintentional mistake on budgeting or ad placements?

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Facebook Page Reach: Page-Level Reporting

Facebook Reach is one of the metrics you hear about a lot when it comes to Facebook reporting. When we report on Facebook Reach, there are two main classifications to remember – Facebook Page Reach and Facebook Post Reach.

Facebook Page Reach tends to be the least troublesome of the two, so let’s start here first.

Properly understanding reach tends to be a source of confusion for many marketers, particularly when it comes to reporting on Organic Facebook Reach. I often see it arise in conversations with other members of the Power Hitters Club who are working on performance reports.

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Time For a Facebook Business Manager Checkup

Facebook Business Manager is an incredibly useful and powerful tool for advertisers. If you’re running Facebook and/or Instagram ads, it’s the command center of all account connections and activities. There’s no doubt it has streamlined various processes and made it much easier to connect employees and accounts.

But that said, who actually knows and understands all the complex ins and outs of Business Manager?

Let’s be honest: very few of us. 

How many of us have scratched our head when a button is inexplicably moved or a layout has been changed without notice? How many have tried to connect our organization into a Business Manager account and ended up super frustrated and needing an adult beverage?

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Optimize Facebook Dynamic Product Ads The Right Way

Dynamic Product Ads are magical.

We know the flow. A user visits a website or adds a product to cart. Then they don’t purchase. Finally, we show them an ad of that specific product and complete the sale.

Many of us have this setup and it keeps on working. It’s a win-win because the advertisements aid in completing purchases and ensure the user sees a high-quality, relevant ad.

But did you know that Dynamic Ads can also be used for prospecting? They can help find new customers based on online behavioral modeling. You can also use dynamic copy in prospecting ads.

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