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Quick Facebook Ads Tests To Run Now for Q4

The fourth quarter is the most wonderful time of the year for direct-response Facebook advertisers. Consumers are actively online and looking to purchase. They intentionally want to buy gifts for family, friends, and even themselves.

In 2017, Facebook reported that 70% of millennials are influenced in their holiday buying by Facebook and/or Instagram. And indeed, based on the years I’ve been advertising on Facebook, CPMs (cost-per-thousand impressions) during this time typically rise, but CPAs (cost-per-acquisition) decline rapidly.

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How to Compare Audience Sizes on Instagram vs. Facebook

Instagram continues growth at a fast pace, and Facebook advertisers are becoming more accustomed to considering Instagram as a placement for their campaigns. At the same time, Instagram continues adding new features that make ad setup easier than ever.

With Instagram recently passing the 1 billion monthly active user mark, advertisers may wonder just how large is their potential Instagram target audience? Thankfully, there are tools available to help answer this question. We can use these to compare audience sizes on Instagram and Facebook.

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Publish an Unpublished Post on Facebook: How to

Facebook’s unpublished posts, also referred to as “dark” posts, are actively used by advertisers. The “Info & Ads” tool has pulled back the curtain on just how frequently advertisers are utilizing this feature.

Sometimes unpublished posts are intentional, such as cases where advertisers want to test out multiple posts, but without all the ad variations appearing on their page. Other times, they are the result of Facebook’s functionality (Example: Lead Ads are unpublished by default).

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Facebook Location Targeting: A Detailed Guide

Facebook Location Targeting options can provide powerful methods to reach specific users in certain areas. However, as Facebook has created additional options, advertisers may be confused about how to take complete advantage of these features. Some also may not fully understand how Facebook determines target audience locations.

Note that this post is focused primarily on paid targeting. I’ve also written about restricting your audience using location targeting at the page or post level.

This post dives into what Facebook Location Targeting is and how location is determined. We’ll also cover scenarios when you might want to use the different capabilities offered. Along the way, we’ll take a nerdy detour into segmented audience analysis.

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Three Ways to Restrict Your Facebook Audience

There is a need to sometimes limit the audience of people who see your Facebook posts (or page!). While it’s counter to the standard “more reach, please” attitude of most Facebook marketers, occasionally there are circumstances that require you to restrict your Facebook audience.

Let’s review three ways to apply audience restrictions on Facebook. We’ll look at an example of Page-Level Restrictions, Post-Level Restrictions, and a special case involving Lead Forms.

Restrict Your Facebook Audience at the Page-Level

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