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How My Evergreen Facebook Campaign Works

How do you keep a campaign fresh? You make sure that the audience it reaches is perpetually fresh. You can do this with an evergreen Facebook campaign.

I’ve been using this approach since 2015. It still works today.

An evergreen Facebook campaign can utilize one ad or dozens of ads. It can be shown to each user for a handful of days or several weeks. It can be as simple as a single track or it can send people down different tracks depending on how they interact with it.

The possibilities are endless. But I wanted to give you an example of what I’m currently doing.

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Change: Pages Can Join Facebook Groups

Did you miss it? In a change that could have a signficant impact, Pages can now join Facebook groups. If you are a group moderator, you should think about whether you want this to be the new normal.

Let’s take a closer look at the announcement, what it means for your Facebook groups, and what you can do about it.

The Announcement

On February 7, Facebook wrote an announcement about changes coming to messaging and groups for businesses. The big change is this one for groups:

…in the coming weeks, Pages will be able to participate in Facebook Groups and join community discussions in a way that is representative of their business or organization.

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The Difference Between Facebook Clicks

There are several variations of “clicks” found within your Facebook ad reports. Knowing — and not knowing — what they mean could vastly impact how you view results. Do you know the difference between Facebook clicks?

After reading this post, you will have a clear understanding of the meaning of the following:

  • Clicks (All)
  • Link Clicks
  • Outbound Clicks
  • Landing Page Views
  • CPC
  • CTR
  • Unique Clicks (all types)

Ready? Let’s roll…

Where to Find This Info

Facebook has improved significantly in this area. You may not even realize how easy it is to find this info.

If you’re ever uncertain about what a Facebook ads metric means, simply hover over the header row in your ad report.

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How to Target Referral Traffic with Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisers have a deep toolbox available to help reach their ideal audience. One underutilized and underappreciated group they can target is their referral traffic.

How much of your traffic comes from Google? From Instagram? From somewhere else? Are the behaviors, needs, and expectations of these people different from your typical visitor?

Knowing the referral source could allow you to create advertising that caters specifically to their needs.

I have admittedly long taken for granted that not everyone has the ability to create referral Custom Audiences. I’ve been able to do this for years. It’s not because I have access to any Facebook features that others do not. It’s simply due to how my pixel is set up.

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Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization Becomes Fixed Default

More than a year ago, Facebook launched Campaign Budget Optimization. Beginning in September, Campaign Budget Optimization will become a fixed default that can’t be turned off.

This is a very big change to the structure of Facebook campaigns. In short, you will no longer be able to set a daily or lifetime budget at the ad set level. Let’s dig into the details of what this means…

The Announcement

Facebook quietly announced this change within a Help Center post titled About Campaign Budget Optimization Migration. The two key takeaways:

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