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How to Duplicate a Saved Audience in Facebook Ads Manager

When it comes to Saved Audiences, a question commonly repeats: How do I duplicate a saved audience in Ads Manager?

While there’s currently no direct way to duplicate a saved audience, there is manual process that allows you to do this. We’ll cover that here.

What Are Saved Audiences?

Facebook’s Saved Audiences feature allows advertisers to create audiences that can be re-used in multiple campaigns. This can be a serious time saver. The feature can also enable more detailed analysis, such as understanding audience overlaps.

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How I Promoted My SMMW Speaking Session

Last Thursday, I spoke at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego for the sixth straight year. While it’s a big event, there are 10 competing sessions happening at any given time. To help drive people to my session, I ran Facebook ads.

In this post, I’ll outline:

  1. What I Did
  2. How I Did It
  3. The Results I Saw

Let’s dive in!

My Ad

I created a campaign that began the Monday prior to my session, giving me a little more than three days of promotion (I spoke on Thursday morning). I focused my targeting on people in the area (more on that in a minute), and since the event didn’t technically start until Wednesday, I couldn’t really start the campaign any sooner.

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Understanding “Recently In” Facebook Ad Location Targeting

Location targeting on Facebook can be a powerful feature. However, there are definitely some challenges with understanding exactly how Facebook uses available information to determine location.

I’ve written in detail about location targeting before. However, as with many topics, there is always room for more exploration. The “Recently In” target feature is one such area that deserves a bit more attention.

The “Recently In” Target Feature

As of this writing, Facebook has four primary location targets available. Facebook’s Help Article defines them as follows:

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Facebook Ads Manager Changes: How to Keep Up

Facebook Ads Manager changes constantly. It is dynamic, with users seeing regular roll-outs of new features. Keeping track of these changes can be a challenge!

We commonly see member posts in the Power Hitters Clubs where users share screenshots of something they see, asking “is this new?” Luckily, Facebook has recently made available some features to help with these types of questions, keeping advertisers aware of changes.

Why Facebook Ads Manager Changes Are Important

Digital advertising is an area of regular changes; some huge and some small. Keeping up can be important, not only to ensure that you take advantage of features available, but also to continuously test advertising processes, techniques, and systems. Constant testing is a hallmark of many successful advertisers.

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How My Evergreen Facebook Campaign Works

How do you keep a campaign fresh? You make sure that the audience it reaches is perpetually fresh. You can do this with an evergreen Facebook campaign.

I’ve been using this approach since 2015. It still works today.

An evergreen Facebook campaign can utilize one ad or dozens of ads. It can be shown to each user for a handful of days or several weeks. It can be as simple as a single track or it can send people down different tracks depending on how they interact with it.

The possibilities are endless. But I wanted to give you an example of what I’m currently doing.

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