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Facebook Ad Bid Strategies: Lowest Cost and Target Cost

Advertisers often complain about cost stability and an inability to scale. There are Facebook ad bid strategies that may improve these results.

Are you not getting the cost per event that you’d like? Are you having trouble maintaining a stable cost when raising your budget? Bid strategies could help.

Let’s take a closer look at these bid strategies, how they work, and how you might use them.

What Are Bid Strategies?

Facebook distributes ads based on an auction format. The costs that you spend to reach a user will depend, at least partly, on the bid that you make to reach that user.

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New Facebook Ads Placement: Marketplace

Facebook has opened up a new placement for advertisers to reach their potential customers: Marketplace.

Let’s take a closer look at what Marketplace is and how to utilize this placement…

[NOTE: This placement is not currently available to everyone. There is no word on when is will be rolled out globally.]

About Marketplace

Facebook first announced Marketplace in October of 2016. Facebook positions Marketplace as a “convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community.”

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Facebook Ad Metrics Updates: Clarification and Removal

Facebook announced several changes to Facebook ad metrics that will impact the results advertisers see and how they see them.

Let’s take a closer look…

Labels on Metrics

In an attempt that Facebook says improves transparency, certain metrics will be labeled as “estimated” or “in development.” You’ll find these labels within tooltips that provide more information.


Facebook says that estimated metrics are “calculated based on sampling or modeling,” and are therefore “hard to precisely quantify.”

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Your Facebook Page Organic Reach is Dropping (But Not Really)

Today, Facebook announced an update to Facebook page organic reach reporting that will result in numbers that will be up to 20-percent lower than what is normally reported.

Before you freak out, let’s be clear: Nothing is really changing.

Organic Reach Reporting Change

Back in November of 2017, Facebook announced the following change to Facebook page organic reach reporting:

Reach counts will now be based on viewable impressions. On Pages, we’ve historically defined reach as a person refreshing their News Feed and the post being placed in their feed. For paid ads reports, we’ve moved to a stricter definition that only counts reach once the post enters the person’s screen (“viewable impressions”).

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Facebook Ads Guide: 55 Custom Audiences to Target People Ready to Act

Multiple factors contribute to whether your Facebook advertising campaigns succeed or fail. Copy, imagery, optimization, bidding, placement, and countless other factors all matter. But nothing matters more than targeting.

In order to have this consistent, dependable success, you need to graduate beyond interests, which is best for top-of-the-funnel targeting. For sustained middle and bottom-of-the-funnel results, it’s imperative that you master warm targeting with Facebook Custom Audiences.

Custom Audiences began as a simple concept, launching with the ability to target current customers by email address in 2012. It’s nearly six years later, and advertisers have a cupboard full of ways to target customers and those who engage with them — both on and off of Facebook.

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