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Are You Getting Ready for Sales Season?

Are you getting ready for Sales Seasons or are you still enjoying the summer holiday season? Have you started mapping out your Black Friday bargains and your Christmas shipping schedules?  Well, if you didn’t yet, it’s time to start NOW.  Fold your beach towel and put the sunscreen away, you’ve something to do! An essential part Read more

Getting started with Google Analytics for Firebase

With Google Analytics for Firebase, you can understand and measure the impact of your mobile app or apps on your business. And with the Firebase updates announced earlier this year, we’re bringing even more depth and analysis capabilities to Google Analytics for Firebase—including project level reporting and flexible filters.

We continue to build and improve our app measurement solutions, and are showcasing this new feature set with the Firebase Demo Project. If you’ve never played with Firebase before, this is a great place to start in order to get a good idea of what features are available and how they work together.

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Collect Leads from a Facebook Canvas Contact Form (and Target Them)

Last week, I provided you with a step-by-step for how to create a Facebook Canvas contact form. But once you create these ads, how do you collect the leads? And how do you target those who engage with these forms?

If you’ve created Facebook lead ads before, you’re familiar with the process of collecting those leads. You have to manually download a file consisting of your leads, unless you use a third-party tool to sync them to your CRM. This will be similar, though not the exact same process.

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Pump up the jams: New music streaming services now available on Google Home

Cue the music: You can now ask your Google Assistant on Google Home, Mini and Max to play some of your favorite songs with Pandora Premium and Deezer.

Both services are now available on the Google Assistant across supported devices like Google Home, Smart Displays and more. Pandora Premium subscribers can search and play their favorite songs, albums and playlists, just by using their voice. 

Plus, Deezer now allows you to stream music hands-free with access to more than 36 million HiFi tracks from around the world. So if you’ve got a Google Home Max, get ready to turn it all the way up.

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