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Improve Your Efficiency At Work… Not Your Hours

We all spend a lot of time at work, and many employees would do just about anything to spend less time at work when necessary. Unfortunately, they’re often having to stay late (in many cases of salaries workers, without any personal benefit) in order to complete tasks at hand or finish that one last project.

Improve Your Efficiency At Work. Not Your Hours

While some people enjoy staying late and burning the candle at both ends, many employees want to get home to their family, friends, and/or Netflix accounts. Similarly, many employers often look to cut back employee hours to reduce the amount of overtime they’re shelling out. Whether you’re the employee or the employer, however, there’s good news: it’s both possible and relatively simple to increase efficiency at work without increasing your hours.

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MarTech Conference Is March 21–22. See the Sessions & Speakers.

MarTech returns to the San Francisco Hilton in March. Check out the infographic below for what’s in store, who’s speaking and who should attend. Then register before January 10 and save $500 on your ticket to the only MarTech in North America this year.

The post MarTech Conference Is March 21–22….

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MarTech Conference Is March 21–22. See the Sessions & Speakers.

How to Build Your Content Empire Using Podcasts by @dantosz

Four years ago, you may well have been laughed at for trying to start a successful podcast. They were a fad that had past their prime, and it was time to move on to bigger and better things.

But then podcasts were resurrected, and like JNCO jeans, they were cool again.

In the last year or two, many brands and thought leaders have jumped on the podcast bandwagon. We actually started one here at SEJ called Marketing Nerds, which we publish once a week.

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Social Media for Homebuilders: 10 Great Brands to Follow


As Marketers, we strive to write valuable content, stand out from our competitors and target our audience in a unique and creative way. Leveraging social media is a great way to achieve all three of those goals. 

However, if your client is a homebuilder, or a similarly unique brand it may be challenging to know what exactly to post, and how to differentiate yourself from other brands. Check out these 10 homebuilder brands that found creative ways to leverage social media.

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