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How to Turn Visitors into Email Subscribers with These 5 Tips

Are you looking for some new creative ways to boost email subscribers this year? Want to get more conversions on your blog posts?

Many people use the size of an email list to determine how successful a blog or a business really is. Because your social media traffic may decline over time and Google may lower your search rankings, but your email list is a source that will remain unchanged.

So, whether you’re just starting a blog or looking for ways to boost your email list, here are some of the lesser-known email marketing strategies you can use to effectively convert visitors into subscribers.

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Why Declining Reach on Social Media is Not a Bad Thing

Declining Organic ReachThe old days were great.

A few years ago sharing content on social media would drive loads of traffic to your website.

But then social media channels got nosier and it became harder to get traffic.

New channels appeared, the audiences became more fragmented, and staying active on all the channels got way more difficult.

And then the dreaded happened…

Publishers started to see dramatic drops in organic reach and engagements, especially on Facebook.

Right now Facebook is getting all the attention for the decline in organic reach on the platform – some are even calling the latest changes to the news feed “Facebook Zero.”

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How to know if Your Content Marketing is Ineffective

How to know if Your Content Marketing is Ineffective Your content marketing takes too much time…

It’s not producing the results you want…

Is it time to give up?

As someone who relies on content marketing for our business I know from experience how powerful it can be.

But…content marketing is also hard and it takes a well-thought-out strategy and a focus on performance measurement and continuous improvement to make it successful.

Did you know that more than 50 percent of B2B marketers are unclear on what content marketing effectiveness looks like? No wonder so many companies fail at it!

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