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26 Social Media Monitoring Tools [Reference Guide]

26 Social Media Monitoring Tools  (portrait)Do you have a monitoring tool set up to track important mentions on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more?

Are you monitoring the trends related to conversations about your brand?   Is all that social media activity paying off?

I have a business mentor called Bill Liao who is a highly successful business person.  Listening is one of the most important things he taught me.

What are people saying that is negative or positive about you or your business?

There are many things to consider when looking for monitoring tools but the most important thing is that you are monitoring conversations!

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How to Validate that your Social Media Marketing Strategy is Working

Validate if Your Social Media Marketing Strategy is Working (portrait)You’re pumping all that content out on social media channels but do you know what is working and not working?

Are your tweets reaching the right audience?  Are your Facebook updates driving relevant traffic to your site?

And more importantly……

Is this driving revenue for your business?

Every so often it’s useful to take a step back and assess if your strategy is working.

And of course….

There are some tools that can help.

Always think strategy first before tools

Always think strategy first before tools

Useful Resources – Social Media Strategy

Before we go into the 4 steps to identify issues with your strategy we have found some useful resources if you are looking for help to create your social media strategy.

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IFTTT: How to use IFTTT for Social Media Automation

Use IFTTT For Social Media Automation (portrait)Have you ever wished you could add blog posts from Feedly to Buffer with a single click?

Do you wish you had a quick, user-friendly way to save all your tweets in a spreadsheet?

Or would you love to be able to add Instagram photos to a specific folder on your Facebook Page just by adding a hashtag?

An online tool called IFTTT can achieve all of these, and much, much more.

IFTTT is a powerful tool that allows users to connect up to 166 different channels together, in an ingenious way.

Actions and tasks can be automated and everything from logging the changes of seasons on Mars to turning on your air conditioning when the temperature rises is catered for.

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4 Facebook Advertising Tools To Improve Ad Results

4 Facebook Advertising Tools (portrait)Do you use Facebook Ads to promote your business online?

Facebook’s advertising platform is not only easy to use, but it also includes some great tools that could help you reach a hyper-targeted audience of quality leads.

However, using Facebook ads through their main platform (known as Ads Manager) has a few limitations.

The best way to make the most out of your advertising campaigns is with Power Editor.

In fact, some of Facebook’s best features for advertising are currently available only on Power Editor. At the date this article was written, the most interesting ones were:

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