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Google Search Is 4th Most Popular App & Growing Faster Than Facebook [comScore]


comScore has released their 2015 US Mobile App Report that analyzes the popularity, usage and location of mobile apps. While much attention is drawn to some of the sexier apps such as Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram, each of these pales in usage to the fourth most popular app, good old Google Search.


Google Search is the only search app that falls within the top 25 most popular apps, and it’s growing at a 16 percent rate year over year. The 16 percent growth is outpacing fellow top five apps Facebook (9 percent YoY) and Google Play (7 percent).

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Seniors On Social? YEP! Psychographic Targeting Hot House


Sometimes the conventional wisdom can get you in trouble. “My B2B audience isn’t on social” is one piece of conventional wisdom that, thankfully, has finally been put out to pasture (at least by companies savvy enough to know better).

Conventional wisdom might also say to focus your online advertising efforts on younger generations who are most accustomed and most likely to spend money online. While there is data to back up that assumption — consumers aged 18–34 do spend the most money online — experienced digital marketers know that with the right targeting, every audience is reachable.

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