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5 Questions To Select The Right Structure For Your International Websites

Selecing the Right International Web Structure

The most frequent question I am asked, both online and off, is:

“What’s the best Web structure for my international site?”

This question might seem quite basic and fundamental, but unfortunately, there is no clear-cut “right” answer. Although there are general best practices, the truth is that if you’re in a relatively competitive industry, the selection of the best international Web structure should take more into consideration than what Google suggests.

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Google Update Their Ranking Algorithms? Some Webmasters Believe So


Over the past week, I’ve been tracking the webmaster and SEO community and data around Google’s rankings. From what I see, it seems as if Google has made more than their typical daily ranking tweaks over the past week. Webmasters, SEOs and even the automated rank checking tools have all set off strong signals of a larger Google change, one that would be similar to when Google releases a new or updated ranking algorithm.

We know that Google Panda 4.2 is a slow update and what webmasters are seeing now, might be related to that slow rollout. But I personally believe the October 14th changes spotted in Google is related to the slow Panda rollout, whereas the ranking changes between the 20th and 21st of October are not necessarily Panda related.

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