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Excel Fuzzy Lookup for SEO: Effortless 404 and site migration redirects

In recent years, the nature of SEO has become more and more data-driven, paving the way for innovative trends such as AI or natural language processing.

This has also created opportunities for smart marketers, keen to use everyday tools such as Google Sheets or Excel to automate time-consuming tasks such as redirect mapping.

Thanks to the contribution of Liam White, an SEO colleague of mine always keen on improving efficiency through automation, I started testing and experimenting with the clever Fuzzy Lookup add-in for Excel.

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How to pick the best website audit tool for your digital agency

There is certainly a big pool of choices for agencies to choose from when it comes to picking a website audit tool.

There are standalone tools and those that come as part of a package. Some audit tools go through all pages of a website while others just give an overview of a specific page. And there are some tools that claim to be developed specifically for agencies but in reality can’t cope with the requirements that are very important to digital agencies and digital commerce services.

In this article, we are going to dive deep into what exactly agencies need when it comes to website audits and what to look for when choosing the tool for this task.

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How to speed up SEO analysis: API advantages for SEO experts

Who can argue that building an SEO strategy is not a time-consuming thing? Keyword research, niche analysis, technical audit, link building — all these tasks are just a small part of an SEO’s daily routine.

Willing to automate search engine optimization processes, experts use special tools and software. But it’s not always sufficient when analyzing the results

Of course, solving some basic issues for a small website isn’t that difficult with quality SEO tools. On the other hand, if you work with several sites and analyze lots of data, you’ll need to find ways of saving your time. At this point, people may look into implementing other methods into their working process. Here usually come various SEO extensions and plugins. They are very convenient as you can activate them in one click right from the page you’re analyzing.

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Common technical SEO issues and fixes for aggregators and finance brands

As most of you know the aggregator market is a competitive one, with the popularity in comparison sites rising.

Comparison companies are some of the most well-known and commonly used brands today. With external marketing and advertising efforts at an all-time high, people turn to the world wide web for these services. So, who is championing the online market?

In an investigation we carried out, we found brands such as MoneySuperMarket and MoneySavingExpert are the kings of the organic market.

graph on comparison websites

It’s hard to remember a world without comparison sites. It turns out that comparison websites have been around for quite some time. In fact, some of the most popular aggregator domain names have been available since 1999.

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Using Python to recover SEO site traffic (Part two)

Automating the process of narrowing down site traffic issues with Python gives you the opportunity to help your clients recover fast.

This is the second part of a three-part series. In part one, I introduced our approach to nail down the pages losing traffic. We call it the “winners vs losers” analysis. If you have a big site, reviewing individual pages losing traffic as we did on part one might not give you a good sense of what the problem is. So, in part two we will create manual page groups using regular expressions. If you stick around to read part three, I will show you how to group pages automatically using machine learning.

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