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Why PPC and SEO need to work together

Search spend now accounts for almost a third of advertising spend in the UK, and has grown consistently since 2001. Balancing the marketing mix is a huge challenge facing any CMO or marketer, and it’s no different in the world of search. It can be difficult for brands to find the right blend of PPC and SEO, ensuring that marketers are getting the most out of both. It’s one of the more nuanced choices marketers have to make.

Too much of one or too little of the other and marketers could be in the position of unnecessarily wasting valuable budget or, on the flip side, marketers could be in the position where they are not delivering the results search could be yielding for their brand.

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How to get your digital marketing organized and motivated

One thing that causes many businesses abandon efforts to succeed in online marketing is that it’s extremely overwhelming.

How many SEO reports have you seen? I’ve seen hundreds of them. They may be indepth, insightful and totally to the point but very few of them are organized to the point when they can be actually actionable or useful.

In many cases even bigger businesses with large in-house marketing teams give up on an idea to ever get digital marketing organized. There’s usually a well-defined goal and even a solid strategy but there’s rarely an actionable step-by-step actionable roadmap that would allow that strategy to ever be realized.

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Hey Siri, how do I responsibly invest in voice-activated technology at work?

Globant released a recent report on the rise of voice-activated technology in 2018. In this post, Globant CTO Diego Tartara shares data from the report and insight into what businesses can do to adapt to voice technology.

Voice-activated technology is here and more accessible than ever before. Thirty-nine million Americans already own smart speakers, and we’re witnessing voice drive evolution in areas outside of personal gadgets. GE, for instance, recently introduced a line of voice-connected home appliances.

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Q&A with Adobe on the future of search

Search marketing is going through a rapid transformation driven by new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search, Visual Search, Amazon, and Blockchain, impacting how we search for information and buy products and services online.

The Transformation of Search Summit, taking place in New York on October 19 combines the expertise of ClickZ and Search Engine Watch, in partnership with Catalyst (part of GroupM), along with speakers from Hertz, Hilton, Condé Nast, LEGO, and more, to dissect the current landscape and provide a deep-dive into the actionable steps to future-proof and protect your strategy.

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Link building in 2018 (and beyond): 6 techniques that work

Ever since the onset of SEO, the factors that search engines use to determine which site to rank over another keep changing. Techniques have gone and go, but one thing remains constant: links are still as valuable and relevant as they have ever been.

In fact, I will make bold to say that link building is the most important factor in determining which website to rank over another. Now, Google won’t exactly say link building is the “most important” factor, but they’ve gone on record to tell us that it is one of the most important three.

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