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Best Free & Premium YouTube to MP3 Converters

Best Premium YouTube to Mp3 Converters

People in the 21st century do not have to worry about being bored, as we can easily find entertainment through one of the many websites that we have access to. YouTube has become one of the most popular video sharing platforms and you can find any type of video on it. There are literally millions of new videos being uploaded on a daily basis by different users. YouTube has also become one of the best platforms to promote your business and website.

There are a few nice things that we can do on this site, like subscribing to some of our favorite content creators, we can also like and favorite certain videos share them with our friends and comment how we feel about what we just saw. Unfortunately, we are not able to easily download these videos for later use, that is, without the right software.

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How to Start a Book Review Website with WordPress?

I enjoy reading books. I read books in different languages. Every book I read adds something to my life. While I don’t have too much time for reading books, I can still manage to finish up one or two books per week.

If you also like reading books, and thinking about starting a book review website, well you came to the right place. Recently I’ve started my own book review site in Hungarian language (, and I will show you how you can do it too.

To get started you will need 3 things:

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Best Rating Plugins for WordPress – How to Build a Review Website?

Having a WordPress website or blog can be very beneficial, but older posts (which are actually very good) get lost after a while. Allowing your users to see older posts can lead to a great situation, especially since you are going to get more views on content that you have already finished working on. Rating plugins for WordPress can help you in this without much hustle. Most of the plugins that you are going to find on the list are easy to use and they are also highly customizable, so you do not have to change anything about your design, they are going to fit in perfectly.

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How to Disable PDF Thumbnail Previews in WordPress?

Many WordPress users want to disable PDF thumbnail previews and we will now try to provide you with detailed instructions. But before we begin, we should take a look at the possible reasons for disabling PDF thumbnail previews in WordPress.

Why should you disable PDF thumbnail previews in WordPress?

With the WordPress version 4.7, automatically generated thumbnail previews of PDF documents that are uploaded from the WordPress media uploader was introduced. This is an extremely helpful feature for the majority of WordPress websites. However, many website owners already use PDF plugins that deal with thumbnail previews and the total display of the PDF downloads in the WordPress.

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10 Essential Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

When Firefox was released in 2004, it was the primary browser for most people, with a few exceptions who used Opera or Internet Explorer. It is known to be a simple yet powerful web browser that offers only what you need to browse the Internet as fast and possible, but it is also extendable in many ways.

Since then, Google Chrome came out and it came to dominate the market, making Firefox only the second best web browser. Chrome brought a lot of good to our Internet experience and Firefox still aims to be as open as possible, which is why it is a prime choice for many, especially developers. Firefox simply works and can be customized, extended and basically set up in a way that fits your needs perfectly.

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