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Is iPage Suitable for Hosting eCommerce Website?

Most likely you have found this page, because you are interested in building an online shop. So if you are planning to sell products or services online via a shopping cart, and you are especially interested in doing it with iPage, read this article to find out the pros and cons.

Ipage is one of my favorite hosting companies and have been recommending them to my friends who were looking to build a small website. In my iPage review I have enumerated numerous possibilities to build your website with this hosting company, but I did not relay went into talking much about building an online store. In this article I will reveal if iPage is a good choice to host your eCommerce website.

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Web Hosting Plans Comparison: Shared, VPS, Dedicated & Cloud

So you are planning to create a hobby website for yourself, or maybe a website for your business. But you don’t know which hosting company to choose or what hosting plan to purchase. In this article I will explain the differences between hosting plans and will also suggest some web hosting providers you can rely on for a long term base.

What is shared hosting and who use it?

what is shared hosting

This type of hosting plan is the most popular. The shared hosting plan is designed to provide all the necessary features to get started with a small website. The majority of websites are hosted on shared hosting plans. The name of this plan comes from the way accounts are created on the web server. In case of shared hosting, multiple accounts are distributed over the server, sharing the server’s resources (CPU, RAM, bandwidth, storage). This reduces the cost of the hosting significantly. Usually a shared plan will cost $2-10 monthly, and this is paid upfront for a year or two years period. There are some hosting companies such as eHost, which accepts monthly payments.

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