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How to Set Up Your WooCommerce Store

Is eCommerce your thing? If you’ve started exploring opportunities eCommerce market offers you, then setting up an online store can be the solution. From the conception of an idea of choosing a product and going to market, there seems to be no end of questions floating around in your mind. Okay, this guide can give you a head start on all the things about how to start your own eCommerce website that ranks in sales on auto-pilot.

Table of Contents

  • Define Your Ecommerce Niche
  • Find an Ecommerce Platform Fit
  • Set Up Your Own Online Store
  • Start a Marketing Campaign
  • Weigh In

1. Define your eCommerce niche

Well, defining your niche is the first step and the biggest one of all. What are the most profitable eCommerce niches? It depends, in fact. Many times, at first glance, a niche might look like a gold mine. But later, after some research, you understand it’s swarmed with competitors. As a result, no big bucks are seen. So, if you want to beat the online competition on today’s quite saturated eCommerce market, do your job thoroughly.

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The Power of Partnering up With Influencers

Why do people promote a certain brand? It’s more than excellent customer support or the right branding strategy. It is also about having better connections in the industry. Ever wonder why a newcomer brand that doesn’t necessarily have a superior product ends up getting more traffic and sales overnight? The secret is usually in their collaboration with complementary brands in the industry. Today, you’ll learn the power of partnering up with influencers to power up your viral referral marketing campaigns. Companies such as Hunting Bow Lab have reported a 30% increase in sales after starting a referral program.

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What is the Role of AI in SEO and How Can Marketers use RankBrain To Their Benefit?

Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzzword across a host of industries. This technology has such a diverse range of uses that its market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 55% from 2018-2025. What does this mean? It means that while the artificial intelligence market size was estimated to be a 4,065 Million USD in 2016, it will hit 1,69,411 Million USD by 2025. With this in mind, let’s go over the merits of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, with special reference to AI and SEO.

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Best Ecommerce Website Builders in 2019

There are numerous tools out there to help you create the best ecommerce website possible. But which ones should you choose to achieve the best results? This article will list off the best website builders for ecommerce around.


BigCommerce ecommerce website builder

BigCommerce, the ecommerce website builder from Australia, is a terrific option if you have the money to afford its many powerful services. An almost free ecommerce website may come cheaper, but with this builder, you’re sure to get the quality you pay for.

Although it only has seven themes that come with the box, they are of solid quality, and you can pay for others that have more capabilities. You also get a preview of every site you make with this platform, both for desktop and mobile.

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How to Convert Scanned Text Images into Editable Format

How to Convert Scanned Text Images into Editable Format

To scan a handwritten or printed document is now an easy task with OCR technology. OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition which is used to recognize the text characters and convert them into ASCII code. This technology is being utilized in passports, business cards, bank statements, and sales invoices. Many software programs have been developed with OCR technology.

Convert JPG to Word

JPG to Word Converter from the company Soft Solutions is such a software which is capable to digitize any image file or document into an editable Word format. This format allows you to make changes according to your requirement, including graphics, charts, fonts, shapes, etc. You can also put hyperlinks, footnotes, and bookmarks.

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